[VIDEO] Nigerian stowaway hitches ride to Ghana on wing of plane!


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What would you do if you looked out of a plane window and saw a man perched on the plane wing outside? This really happened, folks! Check the details and video below!

Passengers and crew of Azman Air flight AZM2316 were stupefied when, on taxing for take-off, they spied a lone man perched on the aircraft’s wing outside. The incident happened on Friday, at MMIA (Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos) domestic terminal.


Passengers freaked out when spotting the man on their plane's wing

The bold stowaway, identified as Mr Usman Adamu, apparently was on the plane to hitch a free ride to Ghana, according to a neighbor!

Usman Adamu is a Nigerien national and he was placed under arrest soon after. He is reported to have calmly walked to the plane and hoisted himself up on the wing.

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The man wanted to get a free ride to Ghana but quit when the plane's going to take off

Consternation ensued among passengers, many of who asked to be allowed to leave the aircraft.

Nobody as at press time has been able to unravel how Adamu got onto the tarmac, which is usually restricted space. A neighbor interviewed reported that the Nigerien man lives in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.

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Check below for the video of this crazy Nigerian stowaway!

A suspected lunatic enters Azman air engine

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