Nigerian singer - Waje cries over her stolen car side mirror


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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The incident occurred last weekend when Waje parked her car outside a restaurant having security men.

Aituaje Iruobe or Waje is a famous singer in Nigerian showbiz, who owns a 3-octave vocal range. This single mom has just shared her disappointment of the city security on her Instagram page.

waje performing on stage

Waje’s powerful look and vocal performance

In the picture, we can see how her car side mirror has been vandalized though she had parked her car under security watch. She also added some speculations about the offenders:

"See what happened to my car over the weekend! When you go to a restaurant or lounge and there’s no space to park inside, drive off. I bet u it’s the security men paid to watch the cars that did this to me." - Waje wrote on Instagram.

Waje’s post on Instagram

Screenshot of Waje’s post

It’s reasonable that Waje suspects guards had somehow involved in this practice. The issue of security and vandalism in Nigeria has long been a problem and cannot be addressed within a few days, or even months. Even celebrities with high-security level can’t avoid being its victim, among those Waje’s case might be an initial warning.

Waje posing along her car

Waje posing along her car before the mirror is stolen.

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