This Nigerian Professor drove a Peugeot 504 car from London to Kano in 24 days


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Would you ever believe that anyone could drive an old car like the Peugeot 504 all the way from London to Kano State, Nigeria?

Once upon a time Professor Aminu Mohammed Dorayi – a renowned Nigerian adventurer, educationist, and elder statesman broke a huge world record after he drove his Peugeot 504 car from London to Kano in just 24 days over a distance of close to 4,000 miles.

Professor-Aminu-Mohammed Dorayi-drove-Peugeot-504-from-London-to-Kano

Professor Aminu Mohammed Dorayi – the Nigerian educationist and adventurer that drove a Peugeot 504 car from London to Kano

Aminu Mohammed Dorayi is a professor of Chemistry and a distinguished alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. He is known to be the first organizer of a trade fair in Nigeria and once doubled as the SUG president of ABU for the year 1966/1967.

Professor Dorayi is usually referred to as the “Adventurous Chemist” because he has so much passion for anything adventure generally. Sources claim that Professor Dorayi’s epic London to Kano journey was inspired by the various adventure books he read such as the Mungo Parks, Marcopolos and many others.


It took Professor Aminu Mohammed Dorayi exactly 24 days to drive his Peugeot 504 car from London to Kano

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While speaking about his wonderful adventure, Professor Dorayi once revealed that he bought his Peugeot 504 car for about 1000 pounds back then. Below is an interesting excerpt from Professor Dorayi’s narration about his life, epic journey and more in his words;

“England is an Island. So when you reach Southampton you have to take a boat, you and your car, to Calais, France. I drove through Paris and so on through Madrid, Gibraltar. So when you reach Gibraltar, you reach the Mediterranean Sea, where you also take a ferry to Algeria.

”From there you enter the road all through, though there is no road, in the desert, you’re guided by your compass, your map.”

”I became very keen during my PhD in the US. I had a Volkswagen which I bought for about 600 dollars at that time. I used it to drive across the desert over there.”

”I was assisted by the British Automobile Association (AA). They gave me the guidelines, the map, the route. They told me what to do in crossing the desert, and what not to do. So, I was quite prepared.

The professor recalled that because he attended a secondary technical school, and so was technically inclined, he was able to service the car. When he got to Algeria, the rain was falling heavily. He saw kids of ages 13 years downward very agitated and weeping. His inquiries revealed that it had not rained for 14 years, and since that as the first time the kids were seeing rain, they were really scared. 


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