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Everybody knows our President is riding a Mercedes but do you know what it can do? Or why is it here? Dive in to read interesting Nigerian President car facts here!

The office of the President remains the highest office in any country, that's why the government of that nation goes out of its way to ensure that the services given to the president are top-notch. When it comes to security and accommodation, the president gets the best. In terms of cars, they have access to the most luxurious. This is probably why many Nigerians have always wondered what kind of vehicles can be found in the Aso Rock Villa.

In the Western world, the president uses the vehicle produced by an indigenous company. But since Innoson is still relatively new, it's no surprise that President Muhammadu Buhari uses foreign cars when he needs to attend an official function. Anyway, Naijauto has decided to bring you the most interesting facts around the current Nigerian president's car.


Sir Muhammadu Buhari - the Nigerian president is riding a Mercedes Maybach S650

1. Previous cars of Nigerian former Presidents

In the 80s and 90s, it was a no brainer that Peugeot cars were the most used by government personnel. It became pretty much an order especially when the best lines were released. The Peugeot 504 series was a sign of class at the time, as even those in high offices incorporate institutions also rode the Peugeot cars.

However, times changed and people started tilting towards the Mercedes-Benzes and Toyota vehicles. In fact, the previous administration made what had Former president Goodluck Jonathan saw him using a Mercedes-Benz S350.

The Mercedes-Benz S350 is from the W221 generation which is still up to date. The car is able to go 155 miles per hour and can go from 0 to nearly 70 MPH in 6-7 seconds. The vehicle is also worth 22 million naira and is definitely considered a luxury vehicle. It was built with a long wheelbase and has a 3.0 diesel V6 engine. This tells you how fast the car would rate on the highway and in the city.

It might not be exactly the best when it comes to saving fuel, but a president will rather prefer a car that gets them to their destination in the quickest time possible rather than one that can just save fuel. But that said, the President after President Jonathan, had other plans.


The Nigerian president car with the coat of arms and design in the front

2. Current Nigerian president car - Mercedes Maybach S650

First of all, President Buhari not only changed the presidential fleet but also went for a massive upgrade - the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650. This is not just a version from the W222 but also a more luxurious and comfy ride. The vehicle made by German car manufacturing brand, Mercedes-Benz, is also customised to provide security and comfort for occupants. When it drives past, you can see the Nigerian flag well hoisted on it.

  • Pricing of President Buhari's Mercedes Maybach S650

The vehicle is believed to cost close to ₦61 million without armour. However, the price tag of bullet-proof S650 the President is riding can cost up to ₦360 million, which makes perfect sense for a national leader's transport.

It is made to also blend in with other Benz cars in the escort fleet, so nobody knows if and when President Buhari is right inside.


The President car is designed to blend with other Benz cars in the convoy

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The vehicle has massage and heated front and rear seats. It also has enough room to accommodate 5 adults comfortably at any given time. The car has a 25 mpg rating on the highway and 15 mpg in the city. As compared to what has been said of President Donald Trump's Cadillac, which consumes a lot more fuel.

The Mercedes-Benz S600 also revs at 5,000 per minute. With a great horsepower of 510 HP, the 5.5 liter 12 cylinder turbocharged engine is one of the best you'll find in a recent Benz. Other features you'll find in the Nigerian president car is keyless entry, rear parking aid, rear view camera, navigation system, heated seats, Wi-Fi, and lots more. The vehicle is also much faster than that used by President Jonathan. This S600 can go from 0 to almost 70 mph in 5 seconds. Though it has a high speed of 230 kilometers per hour.


The convoy that accompanies the Nigerian president and his car to various functions and official trips

Aside from the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650, the convoy of the president is surrounded by some Range Rovers, Toyota Land Cruiser and bikes. These cars are all part of the escort to ensure that the government officials inside and around the motorcade are all safe. Just like you would expect the main vehicle to be well secure and armored, the follow-up cars are also well secure.

It is also said that the Nigerian president's car is bombproof, bullet, and fireproof. This adds to the other safety systems the car comes with, amongst others. Perhaps a time will come when the Nigerian president will use an armored Innoson SUV as an official car.

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3. Other facts about Buhari's Mercedes-Maybach S650

All of us understand how expensive the car of Nigerian President is but you might be unable to comprehend why it's costly that much.

Not mentioning the bullet-proof car frame and countless luxury upgrades inside the cabin to offer the best comfort to our President, each wheel of this automobile alone costs nearly ₦11 million already. Yes, you heard that right, the pricing of its one wheel can buy you a brand new Toyota car on the market.


With ₦11 million, you can buy one wheel on Buhari's Mercedes car model

Regarding the car order, it's reported that former President Goodluck Jonathan had placed an order for a new Maybach S-Class when he detected some defects in the car he's riding - a 2014 Mercedes-Benz S600. Unfortunate for him, he lost the election to President Buhari so the order could probably be canceled.

When President Buhari was first sworn in, he insisted on re-using Jonathan's S600 despite the defects. However, as the car didn't meet the essential requirements for the Presidential security level, it was dropped out.

We are not certain whether the current S650 is the result of Jonathan's order or a new one made by President Buhari.


The Mercedes-Maybach S650 might be ordered under Jonathan's administration

What we know for sure is that our President also bought a brand new bullet-proof BMW 7 Series to add in his security car fleets.

The last piece we would like to unveil to you is how comfortable if you sit inside this Maybach. Passengers on the rear seat can enjoy the utmost relaxation with hot-stone-style massaging leather recliners. The signature fragrance is also added to the cabin of this Nigerian President's car.

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