Nigerian passport requirements and the official cost of obtaining it


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If you don’t know the Nigerian passport requirements and cost of obtaining a Nigerian passport, check this article now!

The Nigerian passport is a passport document issued to Nigerian citizens who intend to travel outside Nigeria. It is an electronic passport, also known as e-passport. And it is issued by the Federal Government under the government agency, the Nigerian Immigration Service. The passport document is graded into two: Standard or official e-passport. Each of these graded passport document is issued to a Nigerian citizen depending on the purpose for usage. The standard e-passport is normally issued to the general public while the official e-passport is given out to some specific class of government officials.

The Nigerian passport is used to identify a Nigerian citizen in any part of the world. So, if you intend to travel outside the country for any reason - whether to study abroad, work or any other purpose, you’ll be needing a Nigerian passport to that effect. We understand that some Nigerian citizens don’t know the requirements and official cost of obtaining the Nigerian passport. And for this reason, we’ll be listing out the requirements and how much it costs to obtain a Nigerian passport here on

Nigerian Passport Requirements

Like we stated above, the passport document is of two types but we’ll be focusing on the standard e-passport since it’s for the general public.

  • A letter of identification from your local government.
  • Your birth certificate or age declaration
  • Two recently snapped colored passport photographs.
  • A guarantor’s form sworn either before a magistrate, high court judge or commissioner of oath.
  • A letter of consent from parents, for e-passport applicants who are under 16 years.
  • Marriage certificate where it’s applicable.
  • A police report in case passport gets lost.

Now, let’s move over to the cost of getting your own Nigerian passport.

Official cost of obtaining a Nigerian passport

The cost of a Nigerian international passport is dependent on two factors. They are the applicant’s age and the number of passport pages the applicant is applying for. Let's check the table below.

Nigerian passport application fees by age and passport pages    
 Booklet type  Age 0-17  Age 18-59  Age 60-above
 32 pages  ₦8,750  ₦15,000  ₦8,750
 64 pages  ₦20,000  ₦20,000  ₦20,000

When we say official cost, we know that in reality here in our country, the official cost is not realistic. Applicants pay more than the official cost. We sure know how it goes in our country. Many applicants who have processed theirs have mentioned different price of what the Nigerian passport had cost them.


Nigerian passport application fees by age and passport pages

Before you are issued a Nigerian passport, you must meet some requirements

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