Nigerian passenger dies aboard Delta Airline flight from the US to Lagos


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Tragedy trails an inbound flight to Lagos from Atlanta as Nigerian man dies on Delta airlines plane soon after arrival. Shocking but true! Read details here!

A 53-year-old Nigerian man identified as Mr. Nwoke Felix Nwamarizu has reportedly died aboard a Delta Airline flight DL54 from Atlanta in the United States to Lagos. It was gathered that the man died three hours before landing at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

Sources state that the medical team at the airport met with another passenger on-board, simply known as Lawal who identified himself as a doctor. He confirmed the sick passenger dead before arrival in Nigeria.


The unfortunate passenger was reported to die before arriving at Murtala Mohammed Airport

A statement credited to Dr. Lawal, reads:

“The passenger was in a confused state, and could only say his first name (Felix) before he collapsed and was confirmed dead at 08:17hrs in the flight.”

A Source close to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) disclosed that the airport clinic was informed about the incident an hour prior to the arrival of the flight. Though the flight landed on the runway of the airport at exactly 15:34hrs.

 Delta Airline also released a statement confirming the incident:

“A passenger on Delta Flight DL54 traveling from Atlanta to Lagos today, March 11, 2019, was found unresponsive before landing. Local medical professionals met the plane upon arrival and confirmed the passenger had sadly passed away. Delta Airlines extends its deepest condolences to the family at this sad time. As a matter of passenger privacy, Delta Airline will not release additional information.”

Though, there is always a policy for some airlines to return the body of any passenger that died on board their flight to the airport of departure, Delta didn’t adhere to this policy probably because the flight was already a few hours old and closer to its destination.

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Delta is a popular airline for Nigerians coming home from the US

An anonymous source close to the airline, who asked not to be named, told the press that the deceased was diagnosed with an illness and was coming back to Nigeria to spend the remainder of his days.

“The deceased had a certificate from a hospital in the United States pertaining to a serious terminal disease, indicating that he may soon pass on. So, the deceased decided to come back to his homeland to spend the rest of his life, knowing the complexities and costs it will take bringing back his corpse, in case he doesn’t survive the illness.”  He also added that the airline did the man an act of kindness by bringing him back home.

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