Nigerian Navy arrests 1.1m litres of stolen diesel in Rivers


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Nigerian Navy has seized 1.1 million liters of diesel stolen by a group of Nigerians in Rivers.

On Sunday, the Executive Officer of the Nigerian Navy Ship Pathfinder (NNS), Port Harcourt, Capt. Victor Choji announced that in Rivers, Nigerian Navy had detected 1.1 million liters of diesel belonging to international companies allegedly stolen by a group of more than 13 Nigerian men.

The group was accused of illegally delivering petroleum products to secret locations in Nigeria. The 13 suspects were sent to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

According to Capt. Victor Choji, the 11 suspects were intercepted in the late night hours while shipping the oil from five wooden boats. The Navy confiscated a total of a tug boat, barge, vessel and five big wooden boasts at two dissimilar places. The suspects were said to have provided investigators with useful information to find out the source of the products, enabling EFCC to take further action.

A Senior Operative of EFCC, Mr. Micheal Adukwu who took over and transferred the proofs and the suspects highly appreciated the collaboration of NNS and EFCC. He also ensured that the case would be investigated properly.

Mr. Choji said that there had been some similar cases of stealing oil and bunking illegally that were detected at different locations by NNS Pathfinder armies under Operation Delta Safe.

Nigerian Navy arrests a boat carrying illegal oil

There were some similar cases of stealing oil and bunking illegally were intercepted and seized 

On May 6th, at Eagle Island, five big wooden boats, an MT Preye I and a vessel filled up with about 409,399 liters of refined diesel were detended. Likewise, on June 19th, troops confiscated a PK II, a tow boat, a barge and Naomi 03, full with around 700,000 liters of suspected diesel. There were more than 2 suspects captured for their involvement.

Arrests and seizures are parts of a tougher operation required by naval government to eradicate illegal oil refineries and stealing oil in the Niger Delta.

Choji also stated that a lot of forces of Navy had been formed in accordance with a proper standard implementing procedure in order to enforce order and law in the marine environment.

“The Nigerian Navy will not rest in its bid to frustrate all forms of illegalities in waterways in Rivers and Niger Delta at large,” he claimed.

Nigerian Navy is marching

The Nigerian Navy will not rest in its bid to frustrate all forms of illegalities in waterways in Rivers and Niger Delta at large

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) informed that the Federal Government was also currently involved in the effort to stamp out illegal refineries and proceeded to build modular refineries in the Delta of Nigeria.  

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