Nigerian man tore the change from a a biker rider in Imo state: here's the reason!


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Tear my own change? On top wetin na? Well, check out the man's reason for tearing his change from the biker rider in Imo state below!

Could this act be termed different strokes for different folks? What exactly should it be called then? Probably you know. Who knows whether you would also do the same thing this man did or whether you would pocket your change. After all, this is Naija.

Let's check out the story as reported here on

A Twitter user from Nigeria with the handle @oraeekene took to his Twitter account to tell the story of an unpleasant experience he had with a bike man in Imo state.

He wrote a detailed epistle stating the reason why he ended up tearing the change the bike rider gave him, after the disagreement between both of them.


Guess this is not the first time the rider does so to keep customer's change

Read his story and let's know what you think about his actions.

Below is his tweets,

Bikeman wanted to cheat me of my change LOL when he finally gave me, i tore the money infront of him to tell him it was nothing to me It wasnt about the money. It was about the fact this year, no one will cheat me, no matter how small I will not tolerate nonsense.

I asked for my change nicely. He started his trash. Asked nicely again, started telling me a bullshit story. When i disagreed with him, told me i’m a liar, that i was lying. First salvo. Told him i wouldn’t let it go, that i have all day.

Told me to get out, put the key in the bike to turn it on. Held the bike told him he wasnt going anywhere. He then lied and said he was only clearing. I held on the bike. He told me to step aside or he would push me

I then stepped up right in his face. I told him i dare him. Told him he thinks i’m afraid to go one on one, or because i have stuff with me? that i’ll throw them away. He then backtracked, that he didnt say he’ll hit me, that i should just leave him

At that time my neighbour came around. Asked what was going on. He wanted to tell his bullshit, i told him to shut up, then told the true story to my neighbour. My neighbour turned to the bike man like ahn ahn. When he saw no one was on his side, told me to ‘take the money joor’

That’s when i lost it, tore the money infront of him. Told him it wasnt about the money but that no idiot will cheat me or talk to me anyhow. Then walked to my house


Not many riders in Nigeria are kind and helpful like this man!

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Jane Osuagwu
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