Nigerian man selling local herbs with Mercedes Benz C300


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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If it wasn’t captured on camera, no one would believe a Nigerian man can sell local herbs using an expensive Mercedes Benz c300 car. Watch the video here!

Most of the Nigerian social media users have been going crazy with several comments after a viral video of a Nigerian man advertising and selling his local herbs using a Mercedes Benz C300 car that worth millions naira.


Nigerian man sells local herbs with an expensive Mercedes Benz C300 luxury ride that is a dream car for many Nigerians

It’s a common thing in Nigeria for people to rate anyone’s success by the type of car they drive, the type of houses they live and other gadgets the person owns. But in the case of this local herb seller, it not easy to rate him by such standard because he uses a luxury car that worth millions to sell low-cost items that have very little money worth.

Watch the viral twitter video below and see for yourself;

What makes this video of the local herb seller go viral is the fact that his Mercedes Benz C300 luxury car is one of the most sought-after Benz models by young Nigerian “Yahoo Boys” as their dream car 😊.

Read some of the hilarious comments below as Nigerians react to this viral video on social media;

mshiiima: "All Benz na Benz... Baba don use him own open shop"

vanessanikky: "Lol na him son buy am for ammmmm Papa must hustle on his own oooo even G wagon dey carry firewood."

pinklipscream2: "Forget, some Hausa men get money oh but their outfits no Dey allow the money show"

bukola.olaiya_: "This guy didn’t work to buy that car. He was probably given by one of his politician brothers or uncles "

nnenna_aldo: "The car you’re using to caption “Haters gonna hate Mama I made it big” is a taxi in Dubai. In this life, you’re always small to someone and big to another so don’t kill yourself over anything"

olami_quality: "This is just a SIGN that the MAN IS SELLING ORIGINAL PRODUCT!!Cuz he knows if he use a bad car then go think say him na Hunger! But with BENZ.....iya yin! E get reason"

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