OSV unveiled Nigerian-made Tekowi armoured vehicle in Ekiti


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A fully functional and locally made armoured vehicle has just been launched for the first time in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Check out photos and details here!

Local manufacturing of armoured vehicles is fast becoming a lucrative business in Nigeria as more auto companies keep springing up from various parts of the country. Recently, Obasa Specialty Vehicle (OSV) company located in Ijero-Ekiti launched its first-ever armoured vehicle named “Tekowi”.


Meet the fully mine-resistant “Tekowi” armoured vehicle that is also capable of navigating difficult Nigerian terrains

About Tekowi maker - the Obasa Specialty Vehicle company

This vehicle is reportedly designed by two brothers from the royal family – High Chier Victor Obasa and Johnson Obasa of Ijero-Ekiti. It was also gathered that the auto company Obasa Specialty Vehicle (OSV) which unveiled the “Tekowi” was originally commissioned by the late High Cheif Joe Oluware Obasa on the 5th of December 1980 when he was a distributor for the popular PAN (Peugeot Automobile Nigeria). The late Chief’s two sons are the ones that upgraded the company to the level of manufacturing unusual vehicles for civilian usage and for security personnel.


The “Tekowi” new all-terrain armoured vehicle unveiled in Ekiti State by OSV (Obasa Specialty Vehicle)

Features of Nigerian-made Tekowi armoured vehicle

During the unveiling of this armoured vehicle, High Chief Obasa explained that the name “Tekowi” was actually coined directly from the words “Te Oko wi”, a local Ekiti dialect meaning boots or sandals worn by hunters and farmers regularly for navigating thick bushes safely. He also went further to reveal that the “Tekowi” vehicle is one that combines luxury with ruggedness.

Not many details about this “Tekowi” armoured is revealed yet but, we do know that it is fully functional, bulletproof, mine-resistant and capable of navigating some of the hardest terrains to drive on. Other notable features mentioned by Victor Obasa during the unveiling are listed below:

  • Four-wheel drive system
  • High ground clearance
  • A customized interior that can be tailored to meet customers’ specifications
  • High quality and modern integrated stereo system
  • Diamond floor plate flooring
  • Dual utility storage
  • Engine air scoop
  • Name branding options and etc.


This “Tekowi” armoured vehicle is reportedly handcrafted from only locally sourced materials and using few simple tools

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