Innoson employs Nigerian lady who made new designs from Farouq’s logo


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Indigenous automaker, Innoson, has responded to the lady who created beautiful corporate designs from Farouq's Innoson new logo, telling her to be the brand expert in the company. See their Tweets!

As earlier mentioned on Naijauto, ever since the young Nigerian boy, Farouq, got the attention of the indigenous automaker through his reinvention of Innoson logo, a lot of people have been posting designs in order to attract the attention of the car manufacturer.

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The lady with Twitter username @chaniee_bob created unique corporate designs from new logo by Farouq

While it appears that Innoson might only stick with Farouq for now on his ingenious proposed logo for the company, just recently, a lady with the Twitter handle @chaniee_bob has decided to make use of Farouq's stunning logo to create some corporate monograms. These designs actually got the intended attention she needed and the automaker was really impressed by it.


The Nigerian automaker, Innoson, was really impressed with her displayed corporate designs on Twitter

Luckily for her, Innoson sent her a tweet and informed her of the company’s decision to employ her as their new Creative designer and Brand expert.

The tweet that was sent to @chaniee_bob on Twitter, with the username name ‘A girl has no name’ reads:

"A girl now have a name. Creative Designer and Brand Expert."

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Innoson retweet for Chaniee_bob's corporate designs on Twitter, using Farouq's Innoson logo


The talented lady then changed her Twitter name accordingly

Congratulations to her on her beautiful designs! We hope this new development will bolster the attention of people towards patronizing locally made vehicles.

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