[Video] Witness recorded highway scene where Nigerian Judge and his driver were kidnapped


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One of the victims of a recent highway robbery shares video showing scene where a Nigerian judge was also kidnapped alongside his driver. See the video here!

Naijauto has just gotten a new report released by SaharaReporters which includes a video recorded by a witness at the scene where an Ondo Judge alongside his driver and some passengers of another bus were kidnapped at gunpoint at the Isua Akoko/Edo area of Ondo state.


Ondo Judge was kidnapped alongside his driver on the highway [Source: SaharaReporters Media]

The video featured in the press report is said to have been recorded by a witness at the scene of the incident. When narrating to the press, the witness said;

"The judge was in a black SUV with registration number HC 72 FJ, which belonged to the federal high court.

"He was inside the vehicle with his driver when the gunmen crossed the road and shot sporadically into the air.

"The driver of the judge didn't stop and the gunmen shot at the vehicle. There was another set of gunmen who blocked them as the driver continued driving that eventually captured the judge and his driver.

"Firstly, they beat the driver and later the judge before they dragged them into a bush.

"In fact, there is one space bus driving on the same road and they abducted about four other persons in the vehicle while they robbed the passengers.

"It was some group of soldiers that came to our rescue after the gunmen had escaped into the bush with their victims."


The black SUV in which the judge was riding

As at the time of writing this report, sources claim that the Kidnappers are requesting for a ₦50 million ransom even though the witness in the video claimed that all of the passengers in the second bus were also robbed of their valuables.

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Passengers on another bus were also robbed and kidnapped

Watch the released video below;


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