Nigerian inventor drives self-made aero-amphibious automobile to meet president!


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The breakthrough invention by this Nigerian brain has attracted CNN's attention. Now he brings it to meet the President with a propose of mass-production to boost Nigeria's GDP!

A Nigerian researcher and inventor named Durojaiye Kehinde Obasanjo has taken a 15-hour journey in his self-made aero-amphibious automobile/jet from Lagos State to Abuja in an endeavor to meet Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.


The aero-amphibious car captured lots of people’s attention on roads

The vehicle, as shared by Obasanjo can move on the ground, underwater, and air, has the design of an airplane with propellers and wings, capturing lots of curiosity as it run along Abuja streets. People keep showing awe while asking him for a touch and selfies with the outlandish car. He installed a floating device so the car can easily move on water:

That is it cannot sink and it moves like watercraft when in water and moves like a normal car when on the ground and moves like aircraft when flying.


Sharing on his desire to see the president and the vice president, he said:

There was a car that I built to be mass produced in Nigeria to boost our GDP but some local government officials in Lagos destroyed that their boss told me it was an illegal venture.

I reported the case to Governor Ambode of Lagos and he said they should meet with me but they ignored his directive.   That is why I came to Abuja to report to the necessary quarters.

So, I want to meet Mr. President and Vice President to let them know what is going on how they destroyed that vehicle.


Mr. Obasanjo hopes the Government would protect this invention

The man also said that he spent over a year to build this car from junk materials and showed off that worldwide viewers and media corporations were interested in his invention, CNN even made a short documentary about it.  

That is why I go to the length of using junks so that people will see it and know what we can do. It runs on fuel and solar energy alternatively.

Talking about the commercialization plan, he expressed his wish that Nigeria would be the first country to bring the vehicle into mass production, also he believed that it would be a breakthrough in the world’s transportation history.

What a creative and bravery man! Now, let's wait and see what would happen next!

Video: Nigerian Man That Made a Car That Moves on Land, Sea and Air

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