Nigerian government places travel ban on 13 countries amidst deadly coronavirus scare


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The Federal Government of Nigeria has issued a travel ban on 13 countries that are massively affected by the deadly coronavirus. See list!

From the latest reports reaching us, the Federal Government of Nigeria has placed a travel restriction on thirteen countries across the planet. This recent move came as a preventive means of curbing the spread of the deadly virus in the country. From what we learnt, the travel ban was placed on countries with over 1,000 recorded cases of coronavirus.


FG places travel restriction on 13 countries with the highest recorded cases of coronavirus

The Nigerian government has also placed a temporary suspension of visas issued to people coming from these affected countries. For the citizens of Nigeria coming from these affected countries into Nigeria, they will all be placed under isolation for 14 days with full supervision.

The affected countries under this travel ban are Iran, China, South Korea, France, Japan, Italy, United States, Spain, Norway, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands.


The travel ban will be in effect for 4 weeks and Nigerians returning from affected countries will be subject to 14-days isolation

The Federal Government hereby advises every Nigerian to stay away from these countries for now until it is safe to do so. The restriction which is set to start on the 20th of March this year will be effective for four weeks and could be subject to review.

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The deadly coronavirus with the code name COVID-19 has massively affected every section of the globe such as loss of lives and cancellation of many public activities like the cancellation of the Geneva Auto Show and many others. The virus, over time, has shown no disparity to race, class or color, making the World Health Organization (WHO) classify the virus as a major threat to the universe.

See this video to see other travel bans in effect:

Coronavirus Travel Bans: Which countries have restrictions in place?

Not to forget that few cases have been recorded in Nigeria in the past few weeks and this move by the federal government will help curtail the severe damage that could be caused by this deadly virus.

Please stay safe!

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