7,000 Nigerian drivers sent for psychiatric tests by FRSC since 2017


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Since 2017, the Federal Road Safety Corps has sent up to 7,000 traffic offenders to undergo series of psychiatric tests. This is believed to help reduce serious accidents across the country caused by related problems. Read more details below!

It appears the FRSC officials are not joking around especially with drivers plying Nigerian roads. A report is just reaching us on Naijauto, about the moves of FRSC, in sending up to 7,000 drivers to undergo psychiatric tests since 2017, for breaking the traffic laws.

1. The introduction of #StopAtRed# campaign

This development was made known last Tuesday by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). It was revealed at a press conference by Wobin Gwora, Sector Command of the FRSC FCT, which was organized by an NGO, Fundacion Exito Ltd, in launching the #StopAtRed# campaign in Abuja.


The Federal Road Safety Corps is strongly against reckless driving habits among Nigerian road users

He said:

“This policy came as a result of the crashes that were being experienced, and the Corp Marshal on the 30 of June 2017 flag off the enforcement and the enforcement started on the 1st of July 2017 and we will not stop it until everybody key into it.

“I might not give the exact statistics but the number of people since the inception of this emotional evaluation to the hospital, we have over 7000 people that have gone to the hospital for that evaluation and over 140 people result tested positive in some areas.”

According to Gwora, those arrested drivers that tested positive of taking substances while driving were handed another fine and warned to refrain from taking drugs and alcohol while driving. He said making calls while driving, carrying overload and driving one way are some of the serious traffic offences in the FCT.


Any driver caught breaking traffic laws might end up getting fined and undergo series of psychiatric tests

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2. Common traffic offenses for psychological tests

He also acknowledged the role of the #StopAtRed# campaign in ensuring discipline and safe driving among Nigerian drivers.

Gwora further said:

“I have good news for those who break traffic light especially when you get into the FCT, if you are arrested for beating traffic light, first of all you will be issued a ticket, secondly your vehicle will be impounded.

“Thirdly, having paid your fine, you must go to the hospital for a psychological, emotional evaluation. If we don’t see that test results, your vehicle will remain with us.

“So I want to tell Nigerians, especially those who are resident in the FCT, apart from breaking traffic light, don’t use phone while driving, don’t take one way and also don’t carry overload, these offence are critical,” 

The Director of Fundacion Exito Ltd (FundELG Africa), Mr. Dominic Obozuwa, made it known that the vision behind the establishment of the NGO in 2013, was bent towards building national ideology for the coming generation.

They said the recent campaign was brought into life in a bid to celebrate the Nations Day, hereby making it known that there is a linkage between the organizational goal and the sustainable development goal.

“The #StopAtRed Rally is a segment of#TheGreenCampaign, a strategic National Re-Birth Project created by FundELG Africa to promote adherence to traffic rules, making the roads safe, keeping the environment tidy by road users especially drivers; thus making our cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

“The inaugural #StopAtRed Campaign Rally will hold on Oct. 24 on the United Nations Day because the United Nations (UN) Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development is relevant to FundELG Africa.

“The essence of traffic rules is to protect all road users in Nigeria and strict adherence with these laid down rules will curb road accidents and incidences.”

Obozuwa further iterated the main focus of the campaign, which was to promote national safety. According to the report from News Agency of Nigeria, the UN Day is marked according to the commemoration of the agreement reached at the United Nations’ Charter on 24 October, 1945, in promoting international peace, cooperation and security among member-states.

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