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Nigerian driver carries full-grown cow in the boot of Toyota Corolla sedan

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on December 10, 2019

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Would you ever believe that a fully-grown, life cow can fit into the trunk of the popular Toyota Corolla Sedan? See how this Nigerian driver did it here!

Just when we think we have seen it all, an Eastern Nigerian driver surprised us recently by carrying a fully-grown cow in the boot of a small Toyota Corolla in Nigeria. See the photos below;


Eastern Nigeria driver transports life cow in the trunk of his Toyota Corolla

This type of shocking images usually makes one sometimes ask “Wetin man no go see for Naija?”.

Naijauto does not in any way support this form of disguised “Animal Cruelty” because the proper way to transport such large animals like this cow is to hire a pickup truck.

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Funny enough, Toyota officially recommends carrying only a 490kg maximum payload with the Corolla models but this driver has managed to go overboard by loading a cow that weighs over 500kg into the car. The suspension, breaks and tires of any car will eventually suffer damages if a driver continually overloads it this way.

This is a ridiculous act that is also harmful to the sedan car!

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