Nigerian cadets insulted civilians after causing traffic jam on expressway


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The Nigerian cadets reportedly made life a bit difficult for civilians as they deliberately caused traffic jam on the highway. Click here to see the video!

According to the latest report reaching us, there has been a viral video online showing the moment when the cadets of the Nigerian military were seen causing traffic jam on the expressway.


Nigerian cadets captured causing traffic jam on the expressway recently

From what we learnt, the cadets were heard by eyewitnesses saying ‘they cannot do anything, they can only wait’, while their car was parked on one side of the road to march. This situation resulted to frustration which prompted the motorists to honk their vehicles’ horn but was confronted with another resolute response from the cadets, saying “who is that bastard, they can only horn”.

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This captured event further proves the state of lawlessness on many Nigerian highways. See the video below:

Nigerian Cadets cause traffic jam on expressway because “Civilians cannot do anything''

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