4 Nigerian big boys that were killed in power bike accidents!


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If you think owning a power bike is fashionable, then you need to see where it has landed these Nigerian big boys. Check the list of unfortunate guys below!

Superbikes, widely known as power bike, has become a statement of fashion and symbol of class these past 10 years for some Nigerian big boys. These Nigerian big boys happen to fall into these categories: Those who became rich through their own hustle, those who are the children of rich high-class individuals or simply those who are plain mobile gentlemen. They are known to be seen on the streets of Abuja, the federal capital territory and Lagos, drawing attention each time they pass a street with loud noises.

Some of these Nigerian power bikers have even gone to the extent of customizing their number plates and some settling for the general numbers. While on the road, they move their bikes at a top speed of about 350km/h, all to the shock and fascination of passersby and onlookers.

The power bikes aren't that expensive, more than an average car can be bought at. So, its worth couldn't be the reason these Nigerian big boys are acquiring them. However, it has been noticed they acquire a power bike as a form of hubby or because of the attention it draws, which they enjoy. The power bikes are sold within the range of N400,000 to N5 million, with the machine's capacity being the determiner.

Their acquisition of these power bikes has seen some of them forming ride bike and bike clubs across the cities in Nigeria and to some neighboring countries like Ghana and the Niger Republic, all for fun and adventure.

Unfortunately, owning these power bikes has become their greatest bane as some of these Nigerian "big boys" have lost their lives in bike accidents. Below is a list of Nigerian big boys who have died from bike accidents, collected by Naijauto.com - the biggest car website in Nigeria.

1. Tonye Boma Claude - Wilcox

Tonye was said to be an oil and gas wealthy businessman. The CEO of Petroleum Brokers Limited, which is an oil and gas company. As a bike lover, he had an adventurous and fun-filled life with his power bike while it lasted. Tonye was wealthy enough to have hired a private jet that will take him to the Calabar event he had wished to attend. However, he opted to use his bike. He had the bike crash at Ihiala, in Anambra state while going to Calabar, all the way from Lagos.

Another biker's friend was burying the father and he had gone there to attend the burial. He was riding among a group of 5 when his bike crashed against a vehicle. He died on the spot. He died in his mid-40s. To show the height of his status as a big boy, his obituary was placed in one of the national newspapers by the CEO of Oando.


This guy should have hired a private jet to the burial

2. Femi Segun

Femi was the son of the popular writer, Mabel Segun. He died in 2014, at St Nicholas Hospital Lagos, as a result of the injuries he sustained in his spinal cord when he crashed with his power bike. The accident happened right inside Lekki, Millennium estate to be precise. He was on his way to his son's school to pick him up when it happened. He died a week later. Till Femi's death, he was diplomatic and worked as an ace broadcaster.


The late Femi Segun was a popular broadcaster

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3. Mohammed Bashir Dalhatu

Mohammed was the son of a prominent politician, with his father being a former Minister of Power. Mohammed died in 2012 at the age of 34. His death occurred while he was riding back from Uyo. He had gone there for a biker's conference and was riding back to Abuja where he resides. Mohammed was riding in his bike and had his driver drive behind him in his car. They were at Delta state when he fell off his bike and the vehicles coming behind him crushed him. He died on the spot.


He is the first son of former Minister of Power

4. Jamiu Jamiu

Unlike other power bikes who used their power bikes for fun and adventure, Jamiu took another turn. He used his power bike for business-related issues. He was a growing entrepreneur and the CEO of H2 chicken. His company was a startup that focused on the delivery of chickens to customers. He met his death on October 29, 2015 at Igho Efon roundabout in Lekki Lagos. There, he was hit by a truck and he died at 29.

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Jamiu Jamiu is a young talented entrepreneur

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