Nigerian man on Twitter accuses Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria of fraud


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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A certain man on Twitter seems really pissed off at the Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria claiming they are now stylishly ripping people off. Read the gist here now!

We getting really interested in airlines and aircraft related gist these days here on and who knows we might soon have an aircraft listings section just as we currently have cars listed for sale in Nigeria 😊.

A certain Twitter user with the handle “@nelpeace18” recently got our attention with his claims that the Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria is currently carrying out some fraudulent activities with their bookings.

This man sounds really pissed off and sure of what he was talking about as he alleged that it is really problematic re-booking a flight ticket that is not bought originally from the office of Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria. He alleged that the airline officials will make the process so frustrating by giving excuses that will prompt one to eventually give up and get a new ticket from them at the end of the day. Can we call this forceful marketing strategy?


Ethiopian airlines in Nigeria is a quite popular option for regular travellers

Here is the full story/experience as written on Twitter by “@nelpeace18”, read this story and you will feel his emotions in his words below;

"It is very embarrassing when you come into the country without stress and when you want to return to your outstation @ethipianairline NG will stop you from boarding because one flimsy excuse or the other till you are forced to buy another ticket."

"A ticket was booked for me by the organization I am working with, to and from Saudi, but for some unforeseen circumstances my return date was rebooked. After my vacation, I went to the Ethiopian Airline Office to confirm my ticket I was told I have a booking"

"but the ticket has not been changed to the new date, that I should contact the agent that got the ticket for me. I contacted the agent they sent me the confirmation of ticket I went back to Ethiopian Airline Lagos, they refused me travelling with the rebooked ticket,"

"I had to buy another ticket to travel. When I got to my station I complained to my employer, we contacted Ethiopian Airline Office in Saudi Arabia they told me my ticket is OK, that the problem is with their Office in Nigeria,"

"that should not have refused me boarding. They now sent me the ticket for my wife who is supposed to come back on the 25th of March 2019. The Ethiopian Airline office in Lagos started the same issue, they had with me again,"

"that she cannot travel with the ticket, she will have to buy another ticket. I don’t know why we keep making things very difficult for ourselves. It is a regular occurrence with Ethiopian Airline office in Lagos if you rebook a ticket you did not buy from them,"

"they will use one flimsy excuse to reject the ticket and you will be forced to buy a new one. Thereby, ripping innocent passengers off. They need to be called to order asap."

For those who might be thinking that this entire story was made up by us, below is a screenshot showing a snippet of the man’s story on Twitter;


Screenshot showing snippet of “@nelpeace18” allegations against Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria

What sort of cheating is this?

This is not the first time that reports of ripping off/fraud activities like this have been lodged publicly by flight users against big airline companies in Nigeria but it's quite unfortunate that no one would want to listen to them or take action.

This is a type of forceful marketing/sales is totally unacceptable because it's more of an emotional torment to frustrate an innocent person to buy something as costly and urgent as flight tickets in Nigeria.

We do hope that this news/update and “@nelpeace18” twitter post gets to the right authority that will be kind enough to look into this matter and make corrections.

We need hope for a better Nigeria!

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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