Nigeria Police Force: Salary, Hierarchy & More


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Find out all about the principal law enforcement agency in the country – The Nigerian Police.

Nigeria Police Force, currently The Nigerian Police, headed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), is the principal law enforcement agency in our country. It comprises 36 State commands divided into 7 administrative organs and 12 zones.

Nigeria Police Force

The Nigerian Police is the principal law enforcement agency in the country

At present, the Nigerian Police has a total of 371,800 staff and according to Nigeria Police recruitment 2018, it is planning to increase that number to 650,000. In other words, it needs another 280,000 new police recruits.

Nigeria Police recruitment 2018

In 2018, The Nigerian Police needs another 280,000 new recruits

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1. Nigeria Police Force: Hierarchy

Here is the hierarchy of the Nigerian Police ranking from the highest to the lowest.

  1. The Inspector-General of Police
  2. The Deputy Inspector-General of Police
  3. The Assistant Inspector-General of Police
  4. The Commissioner of Police (In-charge of contingents in a state)
  5. The Asst. Commissioner of Police
  6. The Deputy Commissioner of Police
  7. The Chief Superintendent of Police
  8. The Deputy Superintendent of Police
  9. The Asst. Superintendent of Police
  10. The Inspector of Police
  11. The Inspector of Police
  12. Sergeant
  13. Corporal
  14. Constable
  15. Police recruit

As noted above, the IGP is the first-ranking officer in the hierarchy of the Nigerian Police Force. An IGP is appointed and also, can be discharged by Nigerian President. After a 4-year term or in case of being sacked, he's forced to leave the office to welcome the next-in-line.

Funny Nigerian Police officer

2. The Nigeria Police Force salary

Depending on the hierarchy in the Nigeria Police, the salary scale is different among officers. Look at the table below to find out.

 The Nigeria Police Force Salary
Ranks & Grades Montly Salary Annual Salary
Inspector General Of Police (IGP) N711,498 N8,537,976
Deputy Inspector General Of Police N546,573 N6,558,873
Assistant Inspector General Of Police N499,752 N5,997,022
Commissioner Of Police (Grade 15 – Step 6) N302,971 N3,635,646
Commissioner Of Police (G15 – S1) N266,778 N3,201,334
Deputy Commissioner Of Police  (G14 – S7) N278,853 N3,346,234
Deputy Commissioner Of Police  (G14 – S1) N242,716 N2,912,588
Assistant Commissioner Of Police (G13 – S10) N212,938 N2,555,258
Assistant Commissioner Of Police (G13 – S1) N183,186 N2,198,229
Chief Of Superintendent Of Police (G12 – S8) N199,724 N2,396,688
Chief Of Superintendent Of Police (G12 – S1) N172,089 N2,065,069
Superintendent Of Police (G11 - S10) N187,617 N2,251,400
Superintendent Of Police (G11 - S1) N161,478 N1,937,740
Deputy Superintendent Of Police (G10 – S10) N170,400 N2,044,796
Deputy Superintendent Of Police (G10 – S1) N148,733 N1,784,800
Assistant Superintendent Of Police (G9 – S10) N156,318 N1,875,820
Assistant Superintendent Of Police (G9 – S1) N136, 616 N1,639,393
Assistant Superintendent Of Police (G8 – S10) N144,152 N1,729,825
Assistant Superintendent Of Police (G8 – S1) N127,605 N1,531,256
Cadet Inspector (G7 – S10) N87,136 N1,045,628
Cadet Inspector (G7 – S1) N73,232 N878,778
Sergeant Major (G6 - S10) N62,205 N746,459
Sergeant Major (G6 - S1) N55,145 N661,738
Police Sergeant (G5 - S10) N55,974 N671,686
Police Sergeant (G5 - S1) N48,541 N582,491
Police Corporal (G4 - S10) N51,114 N613,366
Police Corporal (G4 - S1) N44,716 N536,586
Police Constable (Grade Level 10) N51,114 N613,363
Police Constable (Grade Level 3) N43,294 N519,526
Police Recruit N9,019 N108,233

3. Arms of Nigeria Police Force

  • Administrative arm
  • Legal Section
  • Anti-Fraud Section
  • Special Anti-Robbery Squad
  • Special Fraud Unit
  • Interpol Liaison
  • Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Homicide
  • The Central Criminal Registry
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Unit
  • Police Mobile Force
  • DCI Kaduna Annex and Counter Terrorism Unit
  • Force Intelligence Bureau
  • X-Squad, General Investigation

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