Nigeria police arrests a 9-man cross-border carjacking gang


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Nigeria Police force confirms the arrest of a nine-man gang of carjackers known for operating between Nigeria and Niger. See their names and photo here!

New press reports have it that the Nigeria Police’s IRT (Intelligence Response Team) has confirmed the arrest of a nine-man carjacking gang known for notorious operations between Nigerian and republic of the Niger.

It was recorded in the press reports that the gang has snatched more than 30 different exotic cars from several victims at gunpoint in that area. They have also allegedly killed two police officers in their past ordeals before the arrest.

Nigeria-police-revealing-the faces-and-weapons-of-arrested-cross-border-carjackers

Nigeria police finally get hold of a notorious cross-border carjacking gang consisting of 9 adult males

According to the press reports, below are the names of the arrested suspects;

  1. Yakubu Hayatu – 30 years old head of the gang who hails from far north, Borno state.
  2. Adamu Awalu – 28 years old (member) hails from Kano state.
  3. Abdulrahman Yakubu – 23 years old (member) hails from Zaria in Kaduna state.
  4. Yusuf Adamu – 22 years old (member) hails from Zaria also.
  5. Kamal Japhet – 22 years old (member) hails from Katsina state.
  6. Abubakar Samaila – 20 years old (member) hails from Zaria (Kaduna state).
  7. Muhammadu Abdulahi – 20 years old (member) hails Zaria as well.
  8. Yahaya Mohammed – 18 years old (member) hails from Kaduna state.
  9. Ibrahim Abubakar – 21 years old (member) hails from Kwara state.

Police reports reveal that the gang normally use some sort of “anti-tracker” devices to easily evade arrest by law enforcement officers during operations after which they deliver the snatched/stolen cars to Alhaji Garba in Niger Republic. The police claim that it has recovered 18 different vehicles so far from the notorious gang while it continues working INTERPOL in a bid to get hold of Alhaji Garba who is their main accomplice.

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While the Nigerian police force should be commended for their recent efforts, it is also crucial that they do more to weed out bad “eggs” among them. One of such is the officer caught on camera a few months back confessing to supporting robbery and car theft, see the footage below:

Video: Nigeria police confess to supporting Car theft and robbery

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