Nigeria Customs Service expose scammers: Check out full list


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Nigeria Customs Service is waging war against scammers who are using its identity to dupe Nigerians of their hard earned money. Check out the list of scammers!

It’s common knowledge that several fraudulent people pose as officials of the Nigeria Customs Service all over the country. Knowing that the federal institution auctions cars at affordable rates, these scammers take advantage of Nigerians by claiming to have very affordable cars for sale. When their victims indicate interest, they collect their money and disappear into thin air. Over the years, several people have fallen victim to the antics of these scammers.

Naijauto doesn’t want you to be their next victim. As you read this, they are somewhere trying to dupe someone. Knowledge is power. When you are armed with the right information, you’ll be able to smell them from a thousand miles away.

We have taken the initiative to reveal some scammers that have been caught and exposed by the Nigeria Customs Service. Not only did they put out the scammers’ identity, they also listed the various media they use to carryout out their fraudulent activities and their contacts.

Always ensure that you do your research to verify the identity of anyone you want to transact business with online. For all you know, they might be scammers.

Details of exposed scammers by Nigerian Customs Service

Have you been communicating with anyone or agency online who claims to work with the Nigeria Customs Service?

If they are among the people identified below, you have been dealing with scammers.

1. Name: Nigeria Customs Auction SALES Customs warehouse Badagry

Medium: Facebook

Contact: 0814 457 7033


Many people are frauded by scammed Nigeria Custom Services accounts

2. Name: Nigerian Customs Auction Gwangi Habib Street (Maiduguri, Borno State)

Medium: Facebook

Contact: 0814 325 5819

3. Name: Nigeria Customs Auction, Auction House, Seme Boarder

Medium: Facebook

Contact: 0706 309 7142

4. Name: Nigeria Custom Service on Auction Cars

Medium: Facebook

Contact: 0814 255 9127

5. Name: Customs Community page about Cars (NCS Babanawa barracks Seme Officer “MS Bawa”)

Medium: Facebook

Contact: 0701 077 3668

6. Name: (Babanawa barracks Seme Border)

Medium: Weblink



Apart from NCS auction car website, NCS does not sell cars through any organization or individual

7. Name: Auction Customs, The Nigeria Customs Service Auction Outlet

Medium: Facebook

8. Name: Nigerian Customs linked to -6331 likes

Medium: Facebook

Contact: Joshua 0816 164 8121

9. Name:

Medium: Weblink

10. Name: (Nigeria Customs Authorized 2013 cars)

Medium: Website

Contact: Officer Tunde 0816 314 5991

11. Name: (Nig Customs Authorized 2013 cars & Trucks Auction sales)

Medium: Website

Contact: Border Commandant Officer Mercy or Mike



Extra notes for Naijauto readers

Once again, we affirm that Nigeria Custom Services staff are not involved in any type of car buying or selling transaction, except for their official car auction website. Any organization or individual who claims to be able to sell you car from Nigeria Custom Services are scam or conducting illegal acts. Please remain extra alert when communicating those accounts with Nigeria Custom Services label online. Good luck to you all!

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Chris Odogwu
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