Nigeria Customs puts up 198 cars and other items for online Auction sales


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The Nigeria Customs Service says it has re-opened its electronic portal for interested persons to bid for cars and other items listed for auction sales.

Good news for auto dealers across Nigeria as NCS (Nigeria Customs Service) says it has recently re-opened its e-Auction portal for all interested persons to easily login and start bidding for up to 198 cars and other items they like. The service claims that it has re-engineered its entire auction process which is why it could now reopen the e-Auction portal for public access.


Up to 198 cars and other items are up for grabs as Nigeria Customs Service reopens its portal for online auction sales

This report was confirmed by the Public Relations Officer of NCS, Joseph Attah in his recent public statement through which he also explained that all interested bidders have to present their TIN (Tax Identification Number) before they can be allowed to participate in the auction. Mr Attach says that interested bidders can use the below link to access the online portal;

According to Mr. Joseph Attah, NCS only accepts just a 48-hour bidding period every week for the online auction sales and the bidding period if measured from 12:00 PM on Monday to 12:00 PM on Wednesday for each week.

He also stressed that participants should keep in mind that the entire auction sales process if completely automated, meaning that physical intervention in any form is not required at all for a person to win a bid.

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It is pretty obvious that the new development of e-Auction being put up by the NCS will greatly help Nigerian sea ports to free up cargo spaces that have long been clogged up with containers filled with seized goods.

Speaking of problems with Nigerian ports, below is a press video from last year discussing some of the economic challenges being faced;

  Nigeria: Lagos port a "hell" for the economy [Business Africa]

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