Nigeria Customs arrests fake NYSC member accused of smuggling cars into Nigeria


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A car smuggler faking to be a corp member is just another height of deception going on in Nigeria, all in a bid to commit shady acts. Read to see the suspect's own statement!

Just yesterday, we shared news of two car thieves arrested at PDP headquarters in Nigeria, well, today's news is taking another direction here on

The Nigeria Customs Service posted at Seme border area command told the general public that they have apprehended a fake corps member on the suspicion of smuggling banned cars into Nigeria through the Seme border base.

The Customs Area Controller who is in charge of Seme border area command, Comptroller Mohammed Uba Garba, made the report known at a public news conference in Seme.


Not just smuggling cars, criminals can smuggle everything

The Area Controller said, his men made the arrest when the fake youth corps member was bringing the car into Nigeria, across the border without any document.

According to Garba, 

He claimed to have the phone of the Inspector-General of Police and many other personalities.

He passed the border on Sunday; so, as he was coming in the vehicle, the suspect was stopped by our intelligence officers.

The suspect said that he went to drop somebody in Ghana, but when asked to produce the vehicle document, he said that he used to pass border with phone calls to IGP and others.

Garba also said, while they were going through the car's documents, they found out that the car documents presented by the suspect had Primera but the car he was bringing in is Renault.

The case, according to the comptroller, will be handed to the Nigeria police for prosecution.

The suspect, when interviewed by newsmen, denied the allegations.

He went ahead to say, he had taken someone to Ghana, to drop him off there, and was coming back to Nigeria when he was apprehended by customs officials posted at the border.


A group of smugglers are covering the illegal car

The suspect also said the person he was conveying to Ghana presented his passport in all the police post they passed, and that they were allowed to pass after stamping the passport.

According to the suspect, his NYSC programme was done in Kaduna state, in 2016.

Here's his own statement,

I have issues with NYSC and since then, I have not submitted my identification card.

So, I used the card for identification on roads.

All I know is that the owner of the car will come and claim his car.

I only helped him to drop his brother in Ghana.

Car smuggling in Nigeria is taking another form of cover up

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Jane Osuagwu
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