Nigeria buys Marauder armored vehicle that withstands explosives


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Nigeria has just acquired an armored vehicle that has the capacity to withstand explosives of about 50kg. Check out the intended use of the vehicle!

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has just acquired a Marauder armored vehicle along with a personal carrier that has a Jordanian made snake head. The 7.62mm machine gun automobile was bought from Paramount Group. The purchase was made in partnership with the Nigerian Air Force.

This is in line with the country’s commitment to combat threats caused by several extremist and terrorist groups.


The Marauder is promoted as invincible

The war-machine has the capacity to withstand roadside bombs of 50kg explosives. This is very important in the ongoing warfare in the Northern region of the nation. The car is made of bespoke crafted anti-blast car seats that prevent occupants from sustaining serious injuries in the event of a mine blast under the hall or a side blast. It is resistant to fire power, protecting occupants against grievous attacks, and works well with different systems of weapons.

Speaking on the transaction, Eric IchikowitzSenior, Vice President of Paramount Group said:

“We are privileged to work alongside the Nigerian Air Force, commending, through the acquisition and deployment of the MARAUDER, their continued commitment to enhancing their national defence and internal security capabilities and prowess."


The Marauder in comparison with an SUV

"Nigeria’s Government also understands not only the leadership role they play in international peacekeeping missions across the ECOWAS but indeed how to effectively address the evolutionary nature of those cross-regional challenges posed by threats such as organized insurgencies."

In 2018, the company got orders for the delivery of hall inflatable boats in dozens as the Nigerian government made efforts to protect its coastline and blue economy to enhance the training of her special forces as well as her patrol and rescue operations.

“We look forward to building on our strong and longstanding relationship in support of Nigeria’s Armed Forces, by providing highly innovative and advanced solutions to embolden the nation’s frontlines of modern-day defence and security.


Here is the Marauder Nigeria bought from Paramount

“Increased security leads to increased economic growth and Paramount’s proven, portable manufacturing model can play an important role in the establishment of local manufacturing capabilities enabling the diversification of the nation’s economy and the potential to foster sustainable job creation. These are shared efforts that we believe to be vital to maintaining Nigeria’s continued trajectory,”

he further explained.

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