Air traffic figures surge as Nigeria records 10M passengers domestically


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Reports released by IATA and NCAA shows the aviation industry experienced growth in their operations in 2018. January figures showed a continuation in the trend.

Naijauto agrees that air travel is fast becoming indispensable to the teeming number of travelers across Nigeria, as this has become evident from the figures released by the International Air Travel Association (IATA).

The global passenger's traffic results released for January 2019 by IATA shows that there has been a growth when juxtaposed with the results of January 2018, the previous year. The results show a growth of 6.5% from January 2018 for Revenue Passengers Kilometers (RPKs)

IATA results confirmed that this has been the fastest growth in Available Seat Kilometers (Ask) in 6 months with a 6.4% increase and a 0.1% increase in load factor to arrive at 79.6%.

For African countries, however, results also show growth as there was an increase of 5.1% in January compared to the 3.8% growth in December, according to the NCAA records.


Arik Air - The 2nd biggest domestic flight operator in Nigeria for 2018!

There have been causes for worry for IATA regarding the biggest aviation industries in Africa which are Nigeria and South Africa. With an increase in capacity rising to 2.9%, and with load factor jumping by 1.5% points to arrive at 70.9% for the region according to IATA.

Alexandre de Juniac, the DG and CEO of IATA said “2019 has started on a positive note, with healthy passenger demand in line with the 10-year trend line.” as he spoke about the results.

On the home front, NCAA also released its result for the 9 domestic airlines in operation, saying the airlines operated 59,818 flights while 34 airlines on the international routes operated 15,645 flights from January to December 2018.

NCAA's results also show the list of the airlines which airlifted 10,092,643 passengers comprising 5,033,669 inbounds and 5,058,974 outbound were Air Peace, Arik Air, Dana Air, Azman Air, Aero Contractors, Overland Airways, Max Air, Med-View Airline and First Nation Airways.

This results showed the progress made in the 2018 aviation year as compared to 2017 with 3,780,576 in-bound passengers and 3,865,499 outbound passengers recorded a year before.

Listing the airlines in order of total flights saw Air Peace lead the charts with 22,055 flights with 2,092,325 and 2,111,016 inbound and outbound passengers Arik Air following closely with 15,205 flights.


Air Peace is the leading domestic flight operator in Nigeria with a whopping 22,055 flights in 2018!

The order continued with Dana Air in 3rd place with 5,944 flights; Aero Contractors 4,361 flights; Overland, 2,601 flights; Med-View, 2,058; Max Air, 2,205 and First Nation which has suspended domestic operations did 445 flights in 2018.

On to the records of inefficiencies, it was shown that there were 36,350 and 5,395 flights were delayed on domestic and international routes respectively, with increased in domestic flight delays when compared to 30,214 recorded in 2017, with Air Peace and Arik Air topping the list of airlines with delayed flights.

For canceled flights, there was a decrease for domestic flights with 872 in 2017 to 544 in 2018.

The international flights had Egypt Air leading the list with 657 delays out of 921 flights operated in the country, while Cote D'Ivoire came second with 286 flights delayed out of 516 flights operated.


Dana Air was the 3rd biggest domestic flight operator in Nigeria for 2018 with 5,944 flights!

A summary of the records for the year shows that a total of 59,818 flights were operated on the domestic routes by nine (9) airlines and 34 airlines operated a total of 15,645 international flights, with 190 and 544 cancellations for international and domestic flights respectively.

1,994,099 passengers were flown into the country on the international routes while on domestic routes, 5,033,669 passengers were also flown for the inbound route. The outbound shows 2,084,980 passengers left the country while 5,058,974 traveled locally.


Egypt Air had the most delays for an international flight operator in Nigeria for 2018 with 657 delays!

A growth of 5% was therefore seen when compared with 1,750,184 inbound and 1,825,358 outbound passengers recorded in 2017.

An NCAA source was quoted as saying “There was a growth of about five percent in flight operations compared to the figures reported in the previous year. This is definitely a positive development despite that some of our domestic airlines had challenges of fleet depletion,”

Naijauto also heard from one of the airline operators Air Peace represented by a Mr. Chris Iwarah, also assured the general flying public of its commitment to excellence in airline service to its customers as it plans to begin international operations soon.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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