Volkswagen Beetle to be discontinued


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The German carmaker will put an end to the production of its iconic model as a response to long gloomy sales.

The current version of Volkswagen Beetle belongs to its third generation. Throughout the years, it has built its name with a slew of achievements in the auto industry, making it one of the most iconic models of all time.

Line-up of Volkswagen Beetle\

 Volkswagen has run out of patience with its iconic model

angular front of the Volkswagen Beetle

Henry Ford hated it because he didn’t think it’s aesthetic and quiet enough!

However, the existing generation of the Beetle seems to be a flop that has cost the German car maker constant loss in sales in recent years and Volkswagen has run out of patience with the model. The car manufacturer decided to release one last edition of the Volkswagen Beetle in hardtop or convertible to say goodbye to the iconic model.

The price details were believed to be $23,045 (~N9b) for the coupe and $27,295(~N10.6b) for a convertible.

Video: 2018 VW Beetle Coupe SE Turbo | 2018 NAIAS Detroit

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The first Beetles were manufactured in the 1930s by Ferdinand Porsche who was asked by Adolph Hitler to bring in a mass production of the model.

Some reason that the Volkswagen Beetles were hated concerning its relation with Hitler while others reject to use it because it didn’t meet the expectations in the modern world. One of them is the founder of Ford Motor, Henry Ford hated it because he didn’t think it’s aesthetic and quiet enough!

The angular front of a Volkswagen Beetle

A Volkswagen Beetle running on road

Photo of a blue Volkswagen Beetle

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