Newlyweds killed in a helicopter crash hours after wedding in Texas


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An unbelievable tragedy! Young newlyweds were killed in a helicopter crash not long after their wedding.

Will Byler and his bride, Bailee Ackerman Byler, both 24, were killed in a helicopter crash not long after exchanging marital vows at the Byler family ranch in Texas.


Their relatives said they are inseperatable

The helicopter had taken the couple from their wedding reception and was flying them to the airport, where they will be taking another flight to go on their honeymoon when the crash happened. Their honeymoon destination isn't clear though. The helicopter belongs to the Byler family and was flown by the family pilot, 76-year-old Gerald Lawrence who also was killed in the crash. Gerald has been their family pilot for some years and has even flown helicopter when he was in the combat service in Vietnam. An autopsy will be carried out on the pilot, according to reports, to know if the crash was caused by a physical condition.


Unfortunately, the couple was killed in a helicopter crash just munites after the helicopter took off

The couple got married on a Saturday night and were reported to have left the ranch after midnight, which was on a Sunday in the Byler family helicopter. The man who had filmed them on their wedding and last moments said they were merry and cheerful while family and friends were sending them off.
The helicopter slammed into a steep hillside near the ranch in Texas. Quite close to where they exchanged the vows.

The couple was seniors at the Sam Houston State University Huntsville, in Texas. Family members said, they were inseparable and had looked forward to raising a family together.


The helicopter with the newlyweds on board crashed into a rocky cliff

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator, the helicopter crash happened about five to ten minutes after it took off. The cause of the helicopter crash hasn't been known. However, investigations are going on as the remains of the wrecked helicopter has been retrieved to enable them to carry out a closer inspection.

Such a tragedy for this young newlyweds


The pilot who flew with them was an experienced who used to serve the American army in the Vietnam War

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