How to apply for new Nigerian International passport? - Categories, Prices & Step-by-step Guide


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Check out the Categories, Prices and application guide on the issuance of the new Nigerian International passport which should commence on 29th April 2019 here!

It’s about that time again for the Nigerian International Passport and as always should be among the first to hit you with the authentic and latest information as regards this exercise.

The Nigerian immigration service has begun the actual issuance of the much awaited and approved new Nigerian International Passport which will start on the April 29 this year. This new passport now gets as much as 10 years validity compared to the old one that had just 5 years maximum validity period.

Good news is this new international passport can now be paid and applied for online. It has also added a new and mandatory requirement which must be provided by everyone applying. This new requirement is a Nigerian registered NIN (National Identification Number) and it is to be provided together with all other initial requirements like a police report (in case of a lost passport), a letter of consent (minor under 16yrs), Letter of identification (from Local Government), Marriage certificates (or Newspaper publication), birth certificates, passport photographs amongst other ones.


Official advert of the New Nigerian International Passport Application

Below are the Categories, Price and brief Application guide for this new Nigerian International Passport:

1. Categories of new Nigerian International Passport

These are the available approved categories:

  • 32 page 5-year validity period (for Adults and Minors combined)
  • 64 page 5-year validity period (for Adults and Minors combined)
  • 64 page 10-year validity period (for Adults above 18yrs only)
  • 32 page 5-year validity period (Official Passport)


Applicants that are less than 18yrs of age cannot get the passport with a 10-yrs validity period by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) specifications because of the expected change that will occur to the natural physical appearance of such applicants over that time.

2. Price list of new Nigerian International Passport application

Below is a quick summary of the prices allotted for each category of the new International Passport;


Prices for each category of the new Nigerian International Passport

3. How can you apply for new Nigerian International Passport?

This is a short step-by-step guide on how to apply for the newly approved Nigerian International Passport;

Step 1:

Visit the registration portal with a web browser via this link:

Then, pick the type of passport application which you want to do e.g. “Correction of data”, “Damage”, “Lost”, “Renewal”, or “Fresh”. And fill the form that follows your selected choice.

Step 2:

After you have completed the filling of the online application form presented to you in step 1 above, scroll to the section where you are to pick a physical office location where you will like to visit for the capturing of your biometrics, photograph and even passport pickup.

Once you have made your choice, the next thing you should do is make your online payment for the passport and a specific custom Application ID should be generated for you which you are to write somewhere and keep for future reference.


You will get this green document once completing the application

Step 3:

Once you have been giving a specific Application ID from step 2 above, you can now proceed to the physical passport office which you have selected to complete the application process.

Remember to go along with the necessary requirements/documents that we earlier specified above in this post together with an evidence of payment (online printout/receipt).

If you do not reside in Nigeria, you will have to submit your application/complete your application at the preferred nearest Nigerian High Commission or Consulate /Nigerian Embassy which you must have also selected in step 2 above.

4. Final Notes

All applicants are expected to appear in person at whichever passport office they select/pick during their online registration/application process for the physical capturing of their Biometrics data and photographs if only their currently held passport is more than 6 months old already.

All the data available on their old passport will be surely transferred to the new Passport.

For more enquiries and complaints as regards this information, please contact the Nigerian Travel and other Travel Documents Directorate via this official email address:

And that’s all on the update for now as regards the new International passport application process.

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