New Mercedes sales record is 223,838 vehicles in September


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The German auto brand, Mercedes, has just recorded an all-time September record sales of 223,838 vehicles worldwide. See more!

Despite the fact that many people see Mercedes products as way over their paychecks, the German brand is still raking incredible volume of units sold worldwide. Mercedes owners are often seen as the affluent or the big boys in town due to the cost of an average Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Truth is; a lot of people buy these products every day.


Mercedes has been at the forefront of premium brands on the planet for a very long time

Just in September, the auto brand recorded a massive sales record of 223,838 vehicles, which is tagged as the best ever September sales record in Mercedes’s history. Not only this, this figure rounded up to a total of 590,514 vehicles sold from July to September, making it the best 3rd quarter record in the automaker’s sales history.

In 2019 alone, Mercedes has witnessed 0.6% increase in deliveries from January to September, summing it up to a total of 1,725,243 units sold. All thanks to the sales of compact cars, which contributed to double-digit increase rates in sales from January to September.


So far, 2019 has been awesome for the German top brand in terms of sales by recording its all-time September sales

For the E-Class, C-Class and S-Class Saloons, the company also recorded an increase in sales in September as well, across its outlets worldwide.

Right from the beginning of the year till now, the automaker has been consistent with its leadership position in the premium segment in countries’ auto markets such as in Switzerland, France, South Korea, UK, Canada, South Africa, Denmark, Germany and several other world’s markets.


Overview of the record sales of Mercedes-Benz's products in September 2019

According to the Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG (sales and marketing of Mercedes-Benz), Britta Seeger, said:

“We have posted the best-ever third quarter for Mercedes-Benz – a strong team performance of which we are extremely proud, especially in these challenging times,”

He further said:

“In the year-end spurt, we want to further consolidate our ambition to remain the world’s leading premium automobile brand. Despite the highly competitive environment, we assume that Mercedes-Benz retail unit sales will increase slightly in the full year.”

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