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The German automaker BMW has unveiled its brand's logo, a symbol of significance and relevance for futuristic driving pleasure and mobility.

From the latest report reaching us, the German car manufacturer BMW has just unveiled its new company’s logo, hereby abandoning the black ring for a transparent circle. The automaker has already offered the new logo on the hood of its newly debuted all-electric Concept i4.


BMW will be offering its newly redesigned logo on the all-electric Concept i4 car

The new BMW logo according to the spokesperson of the company will not be featured on production cars. The major reason for this new logo is mainly for online and offline communication purposes.

BMW is still retaining the blue and white emblem within the ring as a feature on its redesigned logo. According to the latest comment on the new logo by Jans Thiemer, who happens to be the senior vice president of customer and brand at BMW; the redesigned BMW logo is projected towards radiating more openness and clarity.

He also said that this new look will symbolize the company’s “significance and relevance for mobility and driving pleasure in the future.”


BMW will be ditching its 90s 3D logo for a flat version for mainly communication purposes

The company had 6 identical logos throughout its 103 illustrious years. The last logo was unveiled in 1997.

From what was learned, BMW enthusiasts share the opinion that the white and blue emblem in the ring of the new logo symbolizes a propeller. On the contrary, BMW made a clarification on that statement by saying that the white and blue emblem is a representation of Bavaria, its German origin.

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BMW said:

“Many people believe the BMW logo is a stylized propeller. But the truth is a little different.”

What BMW classifies as “Propeller myth” via its website originated from the company’s old ads, promoting its airplane engines.

BMW will join its German counterpart Volkswagen as automakers that have introduced a new logo in the last few months. Volkswagen reportedly debuted its newly redesigned flat logo at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show. The company’s first model to be offered the new logo was the ID.3 hatchback electric.

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