Check out this new Land Rover Colossus that is an SUV/Pickup truck combined


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An Industrial designer shares new design images of a Land Rover Colossus multipurpose SUV that is a combo of Pickup truck and SUV in one body. See it here!

Time is indeed changing as most popular automakers are now coming up with different imaginations of what future cars should look like. An Argentine based car designer recently released new design images for a Land Rover model dubbed the “Colossus” and it's simply a combination of a pickup truck plus premium SUV in one body.


Meet the Land Rover Colossus concept car – a multipurpose luxury SUV that also has pickup truck capabilities

Concept & Design: NICOLAS ARAYA

After discovering some 7 amazing facts about the Tesla Cybertruck sometimes last year, we thought it was the most “craziest” idea from any automaker. However, a talented car designer has just proved us wrong with its new simple yet amazing concept vehicle it calls the Colossus. This Land Rover multipurpose vehicle concept is simply the combo of a premium luxury SUV and a powerful pickup truck in one body. You probably didn’t see that coming, did you?

Nicolas Araya is the talented industrial designer behind this interesting Land Rover Colossus concept car design. According to reports, he actually created the design for a training program in the Argentine-based Advanced Design – Innovation studio. Sources claim that the designer envisions the Land Rover Colossus as a vehicle that could offer practicality and versatility in the maximal form.

Araya wants the Colossus to be a vehicle that offers all the functionality found in pickup trucks combined at the same time with the luxury aspects of top premium SUVs. The most fascinating feature of this Land Rover Colossus idea is its impressive use of a sliding C-pillar. Yes, as you can easily see in the below images that one can slide in the C-pillar to immediately turn the Colossus into a 7- or 5- seater SUV. And then when you slide out the C-pillar, the rear part of the vehicle turns into the truck bed of a typical pickup truck. See illustration in the photo below;


The Land Rover Colossus Concept car could eliminate the need to buy a luxury SUV and a pickup truck separately

Concept & Design: NICOLAS ARAYA

We are particularly amazed at how practical this Land Rover Colossus concept is; it’s definitely a vehicle that Land Rover could look into building in the very near future. We never can tell.

Speaking of Land Rover, you can check out this video below where the new 2020 Land Rover Defender premium SUV is compared to the older model;

We compare our NEW 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 to an older Defender model

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