New Delhi bans odd car number plate on Mondays to combat air pollution


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To fight respiratory diseases caused by air pollution, New Delhi authorities have come up with odd-even system to ban specific cars on Monday. Check details of the law below!

The full transition into use of electrified vehicles might happen sooner than expected. Many countries in the world are taking proactive measures towards eradicating harmful emission that comes from the exhaust of conventional vehicles plying the roads. A report just reached us here on Naijauto about the prohibition of cars with number plates that end with an odd number from using roads on Monday in New Delhi, capital of India.


According to PM index, the entire population is vulnerable to the hazard caused by toxic substance in the air

Duration of odd-even number plate policy in New Delhi

This move is a bid to eliminate harmful air pollution that has been confronting the city for so long. According to the air quality index made by the US Embassy located in the country, the measurement of the tiny PM 2.5 particle concentration has exceeded 500. By implication, this might cause severe lung and heart disease, and premature death among people with reoccurring disease. By extension, the aged people in the society are also vulnerable to these harmful air-borne infections.

This hazardous air pollution will ultimately pose a serious health risk to the entire population’s respiratory systems. This is why New Delhi authorities have decided to introduce an emergency scheme on public health, hereby introducing a mandatory “odd-even number” policy on privately owned vehicles till 15th of November.


Emission from vehicular exhaust accounts for over 50% of the air pollution in New Delhi 

So, if you are a driver with odd-numbered license plate, you will not be allowed to make use of the roads within New Delhi on Monday. Even-numbered plates are only allowed to ply the road on this particular day of the week. According to report, drivers are already adhering to this new imposed traffic rule. This new rule doesn’t apply to ride hauling services such as Ola and Uber, and there won’t be anything like price surge during these periods.

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Use of electric cars across cities seems like a long-term solution to severe air pollution

According to the estimates from officials, over fifty percent of air pollution within the city of New Delhi is caused by emissions from the exhaust of vehicles plying the roads. Schools throughout the city are also shut down on Monday. Similarly, construction works are halted during this time.

It has been reportedly discovered that the quality of air in the city has reached its worst level in 2019, by getting to 494 on the scale of 500 on Sunday. Well, it was also over 400 early yesterday. No wonder New Delhi has been tagged as the most polluted major city on the planet by an independent online air quality index monitor AirVisual on Monday.

Understanding Particulate matter and how it affects major cities in Nigeria

In simple terms, particular matter is the sum of every solid and liquid particle suspended in the air, which are mostly dangerous to health. Sometimes, these can be organic and inorganic particles, which include smoke, dust, liquid droplets, soot and pollen.


Nigerians are not safe yet from the severe air pollution shrouding major cities in the country

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Nigeria as a country is no stranger to air pollution from thousands of vehicles plying the roads in its mega cities. The six major cities in the country representing the 6 geo-political zones will be considered for the PM index. These include Abuja, Aba, Kano, Lagos, Maiduguri and Port-Harcourt.

6 geo-political cities

Fraction of PM matters size of 10

                (μg m−3)

Mean Values of PM2.5

       (μg m−3)

Aba 550 100
Abuja 35 14
Lagos 87 25
Kano 340 67
Maiduguri 246 20
Port-harcourt 130 30

Except for the FCT, the PM10 mass loads of other megacities on daily basis have exceeded the guidelines of the WHO. The PM2.5 values on the other hand, are within the constraint of the WHO guidelines.

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