This new bride gets an Audi as a proposal gift


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Long gone are the days when proposal gifts are simple and purely symbolic. To get a yes from this woman, a man decided to gift her a brand new Audi Q7!

Probably thinking that a traditional wedding is not enough to make the woman of his life happy, a man made a bold move and included a brand new Audi Q7 to the proposal gifts. Some of us might think this is a waste of money and the bride would probably feel pressured when she received such an extravagant gift. But looking at her happy face, she's probably alright.


Proposal tip: A car would increase the chance of her saying yes

Using vehicle, even luxury ones, as gifts is not that uncommon in Nigeria. Before that, a pastor gave a new Maserati to his daughter as her birthday's gift. Before that, he already bought several cars for his employees too. If I was allowed to go back in time, I would probably change my career to a lifelong disciple at his church!


The famous Pastor has given away cars in many occasions

This is even more common amongst celebrities since they've got a lot of money to burn. Some celebrities can be named here are Davido the singer, AY Makun the comic, Peter Okoye the singer, etc. 


Maybe he wants to assure his girlfriend with this number plate?


Peter Okoye's wife is also happy with the gift from him

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