See why you should never put your home address on luggage tags


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Never make any mistake of putting your home address on luggage tags thinking it will get back to you easily. Click here to see why it might put your life at risk!

1. Putting your address on luggage tag may attract drug peddlers

This is the era where you need to be security conscious especially from bringing uninvited guest into your private home. Everyone is quite aware of the importance of luggage especially when you are planning to travel within the country or even outside. People often use tags on their luggage to be able to identify them in case they get misplaced. This makes it easier to identify them and get picked up by the owner.

Note this! No matter how that luggage is important to you; you should never make that mistake to put some confidential information on the tags. When you do this, you might be inviting drug peddlers and other criminals who are looking for any available means to get illegal items right into your bag in order to get it past the security check. You should learn how to put needed information on the tag to save yourself from impending calamities or generally safety of your family.

The next section will explained in details the tricks from drug peddlers and criminals to show you clearly why you should never put home address on luggage tag!


Putting sensitive info on the luggage tax might attract criminals to you and use you as bait for clearance

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2. Why drug peddlers target those having home address on luggage tag?

When you write your home or private address on the luggage tags, you might have sent an invitation to these criminals to stash their products secretly into your luggage and trace you straight home after being cleared by the immigration. Another angle to this is, you might be arrested right on that spot if the goods are found in your bag. Generally, pay close attention to their luggage. It is recommended that you only indicate contact number or even your email address. In any case of misplacement, the airport would contact you.

New Warning About Risks of Luggage Tags

Finally, you shouldn’t make the mistake by handling your boarding information carelessly or throw it around. The QR code on it could be used by those criminals to access your full name and other confidential information that may endanger you and other members of your family.

Be safe!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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