Mrs Ned Nwoko, aka Regina Daniel rules the skies with hubby’s just bought jet!


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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You can check out Regina Daniel's husband's new jet here as the Nollywood actress regales us wit cute photos of herself in the jet. Remember you saw it here first!

It must be great to be Regina Daniels these days. What with the fancy rides (she just very recently bought a Ferrari), the clothes, the attention, and the other trappings of life married to a powerful billionaire, I guess you are inclined to agree  the grass is truly greener on the other side.

So, the sometimes controversial Nollywood actress just gave her fans an in into the latest happenings at “#familyNed,” and that is that oga has just got that trending billionaire accessory: a private jet.


Regina Daniels steps off hubby's new jet

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Yep Regina let the cat out of the bag (or the plane out of the hanger) with bright glimpses of herself perched quite prettily inside the tech cockpit and elsewhere on the jet. Well, if this is the new “Air Regina” Naijauto Celebrity News wants a first class seat.

Captioned Regina in her IG post to her 59-year-old husband Ned Nwoko: “Congrats mi amor”


Will Regina Daniels make a good plot, do you think?

For those who don’t speak the language of love, we will translate: “Congrats my love.” Now that does sound Nollywood.

You can check her Instagram post on Ned Nwoko's jet below!

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