NBS report: Speed Violation tops the list of causes of 2,080 crashes in Q2


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New reports by the NBS reveals that 2,080 road crashes occurred in Q2 of this year alone with speed violation topping the list of causes. Read more!

Believe it or not, the new NBS report claims that 5,535 Nigerians were injured in a total of 2,080 road accidents that occurred in just the Q2 (second quarter) of 2020 alone.

What’s even more disappointing from the report is the fact that speed violations alone caused the highest number of crashes.


Dangerous overtaking, speed violation, and others caused 2,080 road crashes in Nigeria between April and June 2020 – NBS report

Upon going through the newly released reports by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), it became clear that the majority of road accidents in Nigeria are caused by traffic violators and not necessarily bad roads.

Yes, this is obvious from seeing that out of 2,080 crashes which were got recorded in Q2 of this year – just 21 crashes were caused by bad roads but 47% were reportedly caused by speed violation.


New NBS report for road traffic crashes that occurred in Q2 of the year 2020

Just as seen in the graphic reports above, 855 Nigerians reportedly lost their lives in the 2,080 road crashes that occurred in the second quarter of this year. Sadly, traffic violations such as Over-speeding, Dangerous driving, Route violation, wrongful overtaking, traffic light violation, and others topped the list of causes of these recorded crashes.

This is quite saddening because it simply means that some of the crashes and/or casualties could be avoided if simple traffic rules were obeyed. This is yet another wakeup call and caution to all Nigerian motorists to desist from violating traffic regulations and other forms of bad driving cultures.


Commercial vehicles take the lead in total involvement in road crashes that occurred within Q2 of 2020 – NBS Report

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The new NBS report also brings to mind that in the same Q2 of this year, Nigeria’s first-ever female combat helicopter pilot died in a car accident blamed on a driving mistake from the car driver’s part. Below is a press report video of the story:

Video: Nigeria's first female combat helicopter pilot dies in a car accident

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