List of nationalities in the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane


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One of the passengers of the ill-fated Ethiopian airline has been identified to be a Nigerian. Click here to see full list of nationalities of unfortunate passengers!

As Naijauto and the world continue to mourn the 157 life that was lost in the ill-fated Ethiopian airline on Sunday, the nationalities of the passengers on the Ethiopian flight has been identified. The Boeing 737 airliner which crashed on Sunday was carrying 149 passengers and 8 crew members all of whom lost their lives in the crash. According to the CEO of the airline, the Nairobi bound plane was carrying passengers of more than 30 nationalities.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday the Airline's CEO confirmed the Nationalities onboard as consisting of 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians,

9 Ethiopians,

  • 8 Italians,
  • 8 Chinese citizens,
  • 8 Americans,
  • 7 British citizens,
  • 7 French citizens,
  • 6 Egyptians,
  • 5 Dutch citizens,
  • 4 Indians,
  • 4 people from Slovakia,
  • 3 Austrians,
  • 3 Swedes,
  • 3 Russians,
  • 2 Moroccans,
  • 2 Spaniards,
  • 2 Poles and Israelis.


A total of 157 people lost their lives aboard the Ethiopian Airline among which is a Nigerian!

HE (the Airline CEO) also affirmed that citizens of Belgium, Indonesia, Somalia, Norway, Serbia, Togo, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, and Yemen each had 1 citizen onboard. It was noted, however, that some four passengers on board could not be properly identified as they carried a United Nations passport and as such their nationalities could not be immediately ascertained.

A  list of the nationalities of the individuals who died in the plane crash as presented as at the time of going to press is as listed below


Kenya 32

Ethiopia 9

Egypt 6

Morocco 2

Djibouti 1

Mozambique 1

Rwanda 1

Sudan 1

Somalia 1

Togo 1

Uganda 1

Nigeria 1


Canada 18

The United States 8


China 8

India 4

Indonesia 1

Nepal 1


Italy 8

France 7

Britain 7

Germany 5

Slovakia 4

Russia 3

Austria 3

Sweden 3

Spain 2

Poland 2

Belgium 1

Ireland 1

Norway 1

Serbia 1

Middle East

Israel 2

Saudi Arabia 1

Yemen 1


UN passport 1

TOTAL = 150

It should, however, be noted that this is not the final count as some passenger’s nationalities could not be confirmed yet. Also, a Nigerian was among the people who lost their lives in the Ethiopian Airline's crash.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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