This is what happens when NASA pours water on its launch pad


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration tested its Ignition Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression water deluge system. See how it turned out!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is known to make groundbreaking innovations. This time, it put its Ignition Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression water deluge system to test at Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad with no. 39B. In order to do this, NASA sent gallons of water that were four hundred and fifty thousand in number which is two million liters, approximately, to the top of the launch pad.

This is similar to pumping over a half of the water quantity in a standard Olympic swimming pool to over one hundred feet in less than a minute.


2 million liters of water starts coming out to NASA launch pad


Just 3 seconds later


How the water columns look like from afar


The test showcases an impressive drainage system

This was done as part of preparatory activities for the launch of NASA’s exploration mission – 1 scheduled for June 2020. The same quantity of water will be shot by the water deluge system onto the flame deflector and mobile launcher to lessen the too much energy and heat that the rocket launch generates.

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The sight of such quantity of water shooting up in less than a minute in amazing and a must-watch.

Full video how NASA poured 2 million liters of water onto its launch pad

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