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How many types of cars even exist currently? How many car brands are there in the world? Here are all the names of cars with pictures. Dive in and see now!

Wouldn’t it be great to have one article that features all the various names of cars with pictures?

This was the exact question that prompted us here at Naijauto.com to prepare and dish out this article at this time. Over the years, we have realized that most people have absolutely no clue about the differences between different types of cars, names, and shapes. It is quite funny that lots of Nigerians hardly realize that Jeep is just a popular car brand and not a car type. It is also not new to see many people confusing Hatchback for SUVs or Sedan for Coupe and vice versa.

This is why you really shouldn’t miss any bit of this article as we will not only list and discuss types of cars' names but we will also be summarizing and presenting you a comprehensive list of car manufacturers in a sorted form with their brand logos and names list.

1. Car logos and Names list of car brands updated 2020 (With logos)

Below is a well prepared and sorted list of the major car manufacturers in the world together with their brand logos and names list. It might not cover every single local and international car manufacturer that you know but it sure does have all the major and most recognized global brands from all over the world.

List of 59 car brands in the world

Brand name   Brand Logo 


 Acura  Acura-logo
 Alfa Romeo alfa-romeo-logo 
Aston Martin  Aston-Martin-logo 
Audi  Audi-logo 
 Bentley Bentley-logo 
 BMW  BMW-logo
 Buick  Buick-logo 
 Cadillac Cadillac-logo 
 Chevrolet Chevrolet-logo 
 Chrysler Chrysler-logo 
 Citreon Citreon-logo 
 Dacia Dacia-logo 
 Dodge   Dodge-logo
 Ferrari  Ferrari-logo
 Fiat Fiat-logo 
 Ford Ford-logo 
 GMC GMC-logo 
 Honda Honda-logo 
 Hummer Hummer-logo 
 Hyundai Hyundai-logo 
 Infiniti Infiniti-logo 
 Isuzu Isuzu-logo 
 Jaguar Jaguar-logo 
 Jeep Jeep-logo 
 Kia Kia-logo 
 Lamborghini  Lamborghini-logo
 Lancia Lancia-Logo 
 Land Rover  Land-Rover-logo 
 Lexus  Lexus-logo
 Lincoln Lincoln-logo 
 Lotus Lotus-logo 
 Maserati Maserati-logo 
 Mazda Mazda-logo 
 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz-Logo 
 Mercury Mercury-logo 
 Mini Mini-logo 
 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi-logo 
 Nissan  Nissan-logo
 Opel Opel-logo 
 Peugeot  Peugeot-logo
 Pontiac Pontiac-logo 
 Porsche Porsche-logo 
 Ram Ram-logo 
 Renault Renault-logo 
 Saab  Saab-logo
 Saturn  Saturn-logo
 Scion Scion-logo 
 Seat Seat-logo 
 Skoda Skoda-logo 
 Smart Smart-logo
 SsangYong SsangYong-logo
 Subaru Subaru-logo
 Suzuki Suzuki-logo
 Tesla Tesla-logo
 Toyota Toyota-logo
 Volkswagen Volkswagen-logo
 Volvo Volvo-logo
 Wiesmann Wiesmann-logo

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2. Best car brands in the world

It’s amazing when you see people sometimes arguing about how their favorite car brand is the best in the world, but loving one particular car brand doesn’t make it the better than any other brand with an endless list of cars that are just impressive you haven't discovered. Although some car brands are just loved by a larger audience in the world’s automobile market generally, deciding what types of cars' logos your cars are carrying are best is just a very subjective point of view.

For the sake of the curious ones, below is a list of top 16 Best car brands in the world 2020 by the U.S. News ranking:

U.S News’ 2020 Top 16 Best car brands in the world

Brands Ratings (Out of 10)
Mazda 8.4
Honda 8.32
Buick 8.3
Mini 8.2
Kia 8.14
Toyota 8.11
Chrysler 8.1
Hyundai 7.98
Subaru 7.85
Chevrolet 7.84
Dodge  7.78
Volkswagen 7.73
Ford 7.65
Nissan 7.28
Fiat 6.7
Mitsubishi 5.0      


Fiat is the last lucky name to be listed with 7.47 score

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3. Biggest American car names and best American cars in Nigeria (With pictures of cars)

Since the beginning of the 20th century, America has pioneered the mass-market production of cars with their names popular till now. And for 100 years they own the largest automobile market in the world which eventually triggered hundreds of different American car brands to be created.

Even though Ford is like the most popular American car brand here in Nigeria, there are many other American car manufacturers with good quality and affordable vehicles for sale in the Nigerian auto-market.

Below we simply list the top American car brands that you can buy any of their car models that fit your budget and be rest assured of good quality.

  1. Ford
  2. Chevrolet
  3. Chrysler
  4. Cadillac
  5. Dodge
  6. Jeep
  7. Ram
  8. Lincoln
  9. Buick
  10. GMC
  11. Tesla


Have you ever seen this Dodge guy on road?

4. Types of cars' names

When shopping for cars, you will find out that there is so much diversity as to what people really need a car for. Some want as much as possible space in the interior, while others may want as much as possible compactness or fashionable designs, some few people can pay any amount just for an upgrade in speed, some rich people especially Nigerians, just want an expensive car to brag about. And that's the reason why you see that cars are being manufactured in different shapes and sizes to suit these common human transport needs.

Generally, there are ten (10) major types of cars that are common around us today. Almost all the cars you have ever come across fall into one of these 10 categories or types.

  1. Hatchback
  2. Sedan
  3. Wagon
  4. Crossover
  5. SUV
  6. Truck
  7. Van/MPV
  8. Sports Car
  9. Coupe
  10. Convertible

Check out Types of cars with pictures of different kinds of cars right below:

4.1. Hatchback

Cars that of the Hatchback type normally feature a door at their rear which swings upward to provide a convenient cargo space access. It usually ranges from 2 to 5-door options.


The hatchback bodytype was born for limited parking and flexible cargo space

Hatchback car sizes mostly vary from tiny cars made for city drives to huge liftbacks. Hatchbacks are very practical for transporting large cargo as their 2nd-row seats are foldable for more solid space while still providing convenient loading and offloading through the rear door.

Common examples of Hatchback car type and their names include the Ford Focus, Ford Mini, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Polo GTI, Hyundai Grand i10, etc.

4.2. Sedan

A sedan is a car body type featuring 3-box layout: a separate compartment for the engine, a cargo trunk, and a passenger cabin.

Sedans usually have narrow openings and very limited spaces available for cargo carriage but feature well-designed passenger cabin as well as all conveniences for occupants. That's why sedan cars are most suitable for transporting people rather than cargos.


The sedan is the most popular car type in the world

Sedans are classified into sub-categories based on their sizes, including; sport, luxury, executive, full size, and mid-size sedans.

Sedan is the most popular and common car type around the world and you will mostly see a lot of sedans everywhere you go compared to other car types.

Common examples of Sedan cars include; Classic sedans, Chevrolet Malibu, BMW 5-Series, Toyota Camry and many more.

*Note: Nigerian drivers favor these two first types of cars on our list of cars for most buyers use them for family or personal rides. Some popular names of cars in Nigeria that everyone knows are the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, etc.

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4.3. Wagon

If you are very observant, you will have been sensing that Wagon or “Station Wagon” is more of a smooth blend of sedan and hatchback. It is typically built on a sedan platform, feature the same comfortable cabin space like in sedans with more head room for rear seat passengers, and at the same time can be described as an extended hatchback with a larger space for cargo.


2016 Volvo XC70 - a typical illustration of wagon cars

Wagons are majorly tailored as a solution to situations requiring transportation of more passengers and large cargos. Wagons come with not only a foldable rear seat but also feature bigger trunk space and a rear door that creates easy access for loading and offloading cargos. 

Popular examples of Wagons include the Audi A4 Avant, Volkswagen Passant Wagon, Volvo XC70 and many more.

4.4. SUV (or Sport Utility Vehicle)

This type of cars is most commonly used by the Nigerian Elite and rich people. They just tend to love it, maybe because it comes with this elegance flavor, one could never really be sure.


A 2017 Jeep Cherokee SUV

Most local Nigerian people call SUV “Jeep”. In fact, Jeep is just a car brand that mostly makes a lot of SUV and off-road vehicles.

A typical SUV will often be confused with Crossover because they have so much in common, including exterior design concepts, large wheels, increased ground clearance.

SUVs, however, have brutal exterior design, 4-wheel drive, and sturdy chassis that are mostly borrowed from common light trucks. They are designed for off-road rough usage and you would most likely find them being used for administrative functions.

Popular examples of SUVs include the Mitsubishi Montero, Mitsubishi Pajero, Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee, and so on.

*Fun fact: Among different types of vehicles' names, SUVs and Wagons are very popular in action movies. They are usually used by groups of terrorists or villains for its capability of carrying many people and cargoes.

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4.5. Crossover

This car type is actually new and modern as they generally combine the best traits of the regular SUVs with those of the usual Hatchbacks. They are typically built on regular car platforms but feature larger wheels and increased ground clearance.


A crossover vehicle resembles both a hatchback and an SUV

They may sometimes give out a look of an off-roader but actually they are mainly built for regular public roads, even if they feature a 4-wheel drive system.

Popular examples of crossovers include the Renault Captur, Acura MDX, Toyota RAV4, and so on.

4.6. Truck

This is another car type that confuses many local Nigerian people. You will hardly hear a typical local Nigerian man or woman say "Truck". Instead, all you will keep hearing is “Pick-up” 😊. In most cases, you will never even hear them call it properly as “Pick-up Truck”.


Ford trucks are the most popular and commonly used truck vehicles in Nigeria

In fact, Pick-up is just a sub-category of Truck that is of light-duty while “Truck” is the appropriate name both the light-duty and heavy-duty types.

Trucks are very much used for commercial purposes because they are utility vehicles. A typical truck will have an open-to-air cargo space comprising low sides and loading gate all the back and a 2-door or 4-door passenger cabin. You will generally find them equipped with an all-wheel-drive system to provide outstanding towing capabilities and off-road performance.

Popular examples of Trucks include these famous names of cars in the world: the Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150, and many more.

4.7. Van/MPV

This particular car type comprises MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles), minivans, and all other Vans generally. They are typically designed to transport more passengers with comfort. Vans made for commercial purposes mostly have only the front row seats, the whole back of the car will be reserved for larger cargo transportation.


Vans are used to transport a larger number of passengers and more cargo

What a fantastic car type, isn’t it? No wonder we always enjoy traveling intra-state in those common Sienna minivans and similar van type vehicles because of their comfortability.

Popular examples of MPV/Minivans/Vans include the following cars and their names in the American market: the Volkswagen Type 2, Dodge Caravan, Renault Scenic, Toyota Sienna, and many more

4.8. Sports Car

A sports car is usually packed with interesting power features such as sharp steering that offers great handling, enhanced performance, powerful drivetrain, and exquisite overall design and mostly comes as a small 2-door, 2-seater car. They are usually very expensive and most people only purchase them to be a second or third option in their car collection and use them for mostly entertainment type of rides.


You can easily recognize a sports car the moment you see it on road

The regular sports cars you will see around are mostly already designed for public roads but nonetheless, they can be upgraded for any racing purposes if need be. They are majorly the type of cars equipped with the best available technologies or highly coveted manufacturer-specific features.

Popular examples of this type of car include the Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 911, Mazda Miata, Mazda MX-5, and so on.

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4.9. Coupe

This another car type that people often confuse as sedan cars.


Coupe cars offer less space in rear seats than sedan types

The term “Coupé” as you must have noticed isn’t really an English word, it comes from a French definition that means “of a cut carriage” or “Chopped off”.

Coupe cars are kind of an interesting car body type because they share just the same platform as sedan cars but Coupe cars are mainly of 2-door body type. These types of cars normally have very limited space in their rear row. They also come mostly with top-of-the-range engines and trim levels and the main distinction between them and regular sedans is their edgy designs.

Popular examples of Coupe Cars include the following famous car names that are Ford Mustang, BMW 3 Series, Honda Civic Coupe, and so on.

4.10. Convertible

This is the car type that you will hear a huge number of local Nigerian villagers call “Open Roof”.  Although, we can’t but acknowledge that most educated or elite ones in the rural areas of Nigeria surely know the appropriate name for this car type.


A 2007 Jaguar XK8 convertible car is among rare models to offer rear seats

These car types are always very easy to differentiate because of their obvious retractable roof. They are officially known as “Convertible” or “Cabriolet” car types. They might sometimes feature rear seats but very rare as they are mostly designed to suit a driver together with one passenger only. Their retractable roofs actually come in different types such as retractable hardtop or detachable hardtop, and folding textile roof.

Popular examples of Convertible Cars include the following list of car models:

  • Jaguar XK
  • Porsche Boxster
  • Cadillac Eldorado
  • and many others.

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5. Small car names: the best-selling city cars

Do you like small “portable” cars or you know someone that loves small cars? Well, in fact, the small car type that we usually refer to is called "Compact Car" in international terms and used most frequently in the North American countries. While a number of drivers prefer large cars for more cargo space, many are keen on compact models that are more practical on cramped roads and parking lots.

Below is our shortlist of some of the best small cars in Nigeria and their correct names you can look into buying anytime soon.

Best small cars in Nigeria to buy: Names of cars with logos of brands


The Rav4 is one of the best-selling cars of Toyota in Nigeria


The Bug is an iconic car from Germany


Though it's not so popular in Nigeria, the Kia Picanto is a very cherishable compact car in other markets


The German automaker gives its whole mind to compact design

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6. Names of vintage cars

Will there ever be any car model in Nigeria that could be as popular as the vintage Volkswagen Beetle?

If you are a big fan of vintage cars then, you will agree with our below list of some popular names of vintage cars in Nigeria till date. See our top 9 list below:

  1. 19th Century Volkswagen Beetle
  2. The old Ford Mustang (muscle car)
  3. Mercedes Benz 230E
  4. Land Rover Defender 90
  5. Citroen DS
  6. 1970s Porsche 911
  7. Jaguar Vanden Plas Classic
  8. Mercedes Benz 220S
  9. Mercedes Benz 230


Does this pic bring back any memories?

7. Sports car names popular in Nigeria

There are so many sports cars out there that if we begin to list out their names, this one article can’t contain it. So, we think it might just make more sense to dish out a list of the best ones in Nigeria to you.

Best sports cars in Nigeria

This is just a short list of our favorite sports cars on the Nigerian automobile market right now:

  • Toyota Camry Sport (V6, 2009)
  • Toyota Corolla Sport (2006, 2007)
  • Land Rover (Range Rover) Sport (2006, 2008, 2012)


When it comes to sports car in Nigeria, Range Rover is the first to be mentioned

8. Car nicknames in Nigeria

Just as giving cars various nicknames is a very common thing in most foreign countries so it is here in Nigeria as well. 

To see the article containing our top 27 funny Car nicknames in Nigeria, navigate here: the most famous Nigerian nicknames for cars:


27 popular cars and their nicknames by Nigerians   
 No  Model  Nickname
 1  Toyota Camry 1991-1996  Orobo
 2  Toyota Camry 1997-2001  Tiny Light / Drop Light / Pencil Light/ I-don-get-job / Millennium
 3  Toyota Camry 2002 -2006  Big Daddy / Big for Nothing
 4  Toyota Camry 2007 - 2011  Muscle / Spider
 5  Toyota Corolla 1996  First lady
 6  Toyota Avalon  Long John
 7  Toyota Highlander  Carton Wagon
 8  Honda Accord 1986 - 1989  Pure Water
 9  Honda Accord 1989 - 1993  Halla
 10  Honda Accord 1993 - 1997  Bulldog / Bullet
 11  Honda Accord 1997 - 2002  Baby Boy / Hennessey
 12  Honda Accord 2002 - 2007  End of Discussion/EOD
 13  Honda Accord 2006/2007  Discussion Continues
 14  Honda Accord 2007 - 2012  Evil Spirit / Shut up
 15  Honda Accord 2012 - 2017  Anaconda
 16  Honda Civic 1996  Thank you Daddy
 17  Peugeot 407  Jet
 18  Volkswagen Beetle  Ijapa/Tortoise
 19  Mercedes Benz 200 1980  Regular Benz
 20  Mercedes Benz 190E  Baby Benz
 21  Mercedes Benz 200E 1982  Vboot
 22 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL  Shagari
 23 1993 Mercedes-Benz S500  Beast
 24 2000 Mercedes-Benz S500 ’  Smiley
 25  BMW 3 series  COJA
 26  Volvo 700 series  Coffin
 27  Any SUV  Jeep

When passion meets imagination & creativity

9. Conclusion

It's hard to list all names of cars with pictures, as well as go into details of every car type in the world. However, Naijauto hopes that this post has provided the most basic and essential information of car brands and body styles for you so that you can be more confident the next time you go buying or just simply discussing cars with your friends.

>>> Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit Naijauto.com for the best content about cars:

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