Naija-made luxury Keke fitted with camera is priced only ₦900k


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For as low as ₦900,000, you can get your hands on the made-in-Nigeria luxury keke with front/reverse camera and fitted door. Click here to see more!

This made-in-Nigeria luxury tricycle is the safest Keke you will find now on Nigerian roads. The newly introduced brand, Motorshine Tricycle, was a product of the work of Mr. Olumide Peter Adeshina, the man behind the luxury 3-wheeler. He got this inspiration after boarding the regular and popularly known Keke Marwa, which comes doorless, during a time of heavy downpour.

Mr. Olumide Peter Adeshina, CEO of Dragon Motors, made it known that the tricycle, aside from keeping passengers dry anytime there is heavy downpour, will also reduce the alarming rate of accidents being caused by motorcycles and tricycles within the country.


The locally made tricycle offers passengers well secured door from downside of heavy downpour

“Between December 2014 and April 2015, motorcycle accidents increased by 34 per cent, both in recorded death cases and injuries. This is a big loss to the government and society at large and Motoshine will help reduce these numbers drastically”

The luxury tricycle was previously imported into the country but is now being assembled in Lagos, with a foresight for youth empowerment and job creation, the luxury Keke will cost ₦900,000.

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The Keke is designed to comfortably convey four to six passengers, and it comes in two models. This is a slight advantage over the regular Keke Marwa accommodating only three and maximum of four people. The door is also fitted for the passengers’ protection from getting soaked up during heavy rain or possible fall out while on motion.


Passengers of tricycles and motorcycles daily face life threatening mishaps in Nigeria; will luxury keke end this?

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Otherinnovative features include the presence of cooling fans for better ventilation and the front and reverse cameras. The luxury tricycle comes equipped with a Single Cylinder Four Stoke Cool 150cc engine with a top speed of 60 km/h.

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