Nigerian automotive industry set to experience boom as NADDC implements new auto policy!


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The National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) is set to begin the implementation of its policies to ensure growth of the automotive industry. They are opening automotive laboratories throughout the country to realize wholly Nigeria produced car dream.

The National Automotive Design and Development Council, (NADDC), is set to begin the implementation of new policies for the advancement of the Nigerian Automotive industry. The regulatory body saddled with policy formulation and implementation for the Nigerian Automotive industry by act of parliament, made this known through its Director-general, Jelani Aliyu. He said the National Automotive Development Bill, (NAIDB), will soon come into play in order to harness local content increase by the synergy between the government, and the big players in auto manufacturing.


Mr. Jelani Aliyu expressed the endeavor of NADDC in boosting the domestic automotive industry

Naijauto was made aware of this development when Jelani was speaking at a workshop titled - The Impact of the Automotive Industry on the Economic Growth of Nigeria, Lessons from China, India and Southeast Asia. He stated the intention of the council to develop and implement policies that promotes the Nigerian automotive industry, while ensuring it stays on the global economic map continuously.

Aliyu further stated that NADDC as an arm of the Nigerian government is working tirelessly to see the importation of used cars into Nigeria comes to end very soon. He confirms the efforts of NADDC in ensuring that the right policies and legislative environment is enabled to foster the manufacture and distribution of passenger vehicles in Nigeria.

He however, didn't fail to mention his frustration as Nigeria spends more than $8 billion annually importing used vehicles into the country. This he said was not sustainable for the economic growth and development of the country.

Mr. Jelani said that a gradual decrease in importation of used vehicle to Nigeria is the only way out for the Nigeria automotive industry. This would open up the market for new vehicles manufactured in Nigeria, in his opinion.


With planned automotive laboratories, we may soon have the first 100% Nigerian-made car

Mr. Aliyu, NADDC DG, revealed that the council was already in moves to launch a new auto fund which will make sure that a majority of Nigerians acquire new vehicles both for individuals and corporations add to their fleets of new cars.

According to the Director-general, making consumer financing available would be beneficial for fast and competitive logistics processes from harbour to trucking. He reiterated that administrative processes especially with Customs will become effective.

Other areas of the NAIDB as itemised by Mr. Jelani during the workshop include, massive job creation, marketing programme, standard, human capital development, local content development and carbon emission reduction/elimination. These aspects are being worked on by NADDC to ensure that the expected boom in the Nigerian automotive industry becomes a reality.

Mr Aliyu was quoted saying:

“The development of automotive laboratories as provided for in the plant for safety tests are now at 70 per cent completion stage. There is the material test lab in Zaria, the component test lab in Enugu and the emission test lab in Lagos. "

He revealed that NADDC was already in partnership talks with international auto manufacturers to enable it quickly actualising its goals of 100% Nigerian produced vehicles. Among these auto manufacturers are brands like Toyota, BMW, Ford, and Nissan.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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