Ford Mustang driver flees after hitting motorcyclist, father reports him to police


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The father of a Ford Mustang driver has reported his son to the authorities for knocking down the motorcyclist in Bogota, Colombia. Read full gist!

Your father is the last person on earth you expect to snitch on you especially when you attempt to avoid arrest. Well, such wasn’t the case for a young man whose father called the police on him. According to a report, the Ford Mustang driver was caught by a dashcam fleeing the scene after hitting a motorcyclist in Bogota, Colombia.

The Ford Mustang driver ploughed into the motorcyclist while driving against the red light in Bogota

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From the video report, the cammer patiently stopped on the road where the driver of one silver Porsche Boxter was allowed to join with the traffic. At the back of this Porsche was an impatient Ford Mustang in red paint. When the Porsche driver and the cammer slowed down at the sight of the traffic light, the Mustang was seen on the other lane.

Unknown to this Mustang driver, a motorcycle was right in front of him. The reckless driver behind the wheel of this Ford ended up knocking the motorcyclist over and fled through the red traffic light.


The red mustang suffered some significant damages from the crash

This disturbing night event was said to occur on the 31st of October, 2020. The father of the mustang driver couldn’t allow his son to escape the law, by informing the authorities of his son’s involvement in the incident. We reported a case earlier on when a particular kid crashed his dad's ₦26.6mShelby GT350R while trying to show off the expensive car to his friends.

When the police checked the footage of the mustang after the incident, they were able to see that the driver’s side door suffered significant damage. The wheels have been wrecked while parts of the bumper have been ripped off.

As a result of the tip-off from the father, the police were able to arrest the driver of this Ford Mustang, hitting him with multiple charges.

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