[Must See] You won’t believe an upgraded version of Keke Napep is called Tuk-Tuk in Cambodia


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You will not believe until you read about and see this upgraded version of Keke Napep that is actually called "Tuk Tuk" in Cambodia. Read about it here now!

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Have you ever imagined that those popular yellow painted tricycles known as “Keke Napep” in Nigeria could be reinvented to become standard urban electronic vehicles? Probably not, huh? We were amazed at discovering that these tricycles are not only well-known in Cambodia but, a certain automobile company in the country decided to reinvent their own Keke Napep brand.


Schematics of SmarTuk the upgraded/reinvented version of Tuk-Tuk or Keke Napep

These tricycles that we know as “Keke Napep” is actually famous in Cambodia and they called it “Tuk-Tuk”. But the automobile company decided to tweak this conventional Tuk-Tuk and come up with a reinvented version which they named “SmarTuk”. We find their concept as extremely brilliant and the reason being the fact that their SmarTuk is actually targeted at solving street vending problems. It will make the experience pleasurable for the buyers as well as make life much easier for the vendors by helping them to manage space and provide them a 100% market mobility. Cool, huh?


See the how the SmarTuk can serve as a mobile shop for street vendors

The SmarTuk design concept has been majorly targeted towards providing a modular and affordable electric Keke Napep (TukTuk). A solution that aims at facilitating Cambodian’s mobile selling of goods, foods, and other small items all on a low budget. This SmarTuk comes with some interesting, modern and smart features like an incorporated tracking device which is linked to a mobile application. This way, masses or tourists can easily locate nearby vendors on the street and check out their products or services. This concept will clearly help eradicate unregulated street hawking and vendors who display their products at inappropriate places.

This SmarTuk doesn’t only feature a modern design approach but will also create a better kind of image if adopted for use on any street. Just like we had mentioned earlier; It will really go a long way in helping to eradicate the massive litters that street vendors leave behind as a result of displaying their products on the bare ground directly on the street sides. They will be able to display their products directly inside this SmarTuk vehicles as well as probably have trash cans that they can use for collecting litters from customers. So, SmarTuk will help to reduce environmental pollution in its own way.

SmarTuk -EV

A man by the name Vincent Chan designed this SmarTuk and even uploaded the above YouTube video.

Below are some of the major advantages that come with this SmarTuk concept:

  • Selling different types of products and goods with the vehicle’s modular loading bay
  • Better security features like its built-in security box
  • An improved water resistivity to cater for flood cases as it seems common in Cambodia
  • Integrated modern tracking systems like GPS devices for tracking the SmarTuk vehicle in real-time (Connected with a mobile app)
  •  Real-time tracking of available SmarTuks by customers as well as placing of order from anywhere they are all on the go
  • Improved and affordable mobile shop solutions for low budget street vendors
  • Reduction of environmental pollution by eradicating bare floor product display on the street

Our take:

We would so much love that this SmarTuk concept or upgraded Keke Napep could be accepted and adopted in Nigeria as it comes with a lot of benefits that suits our country the most. There is barely any major city in Nigeria that you wouldn’t find the conventional Keke Napeps on the streets and this SmarTuk could be just what we need in the near future.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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