[Must See] China’s Chang’e 4 Spacecraft has finally landed of the far side of the moon


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China again! Did you know that China has successfully landed their Chang'e 4 spacecraft on the far side of the moon? Watch the landing video here now!

If we are asked to name one Nation that currently just keeps blowing our mind in terms of technology, our best answer is definitely going to be China!

Recently China opened a new sea bridge that immediately set a new world record as it became the longest sea bridge in the world. They have now taken the world by storm again with their Chang’e 4 spacecraft that successfully landed on the far side of the moon recently. This was a piece of astonishing news for us at Naijauto.com and that’s’ why we have decided to share some of the details with you guys.

China’s National Space Administration has just released the footage from their Chang’e 4 Lander that captured the moment of its successful landing on the far side of the moon. The Chang’e 4 had made this successful landing on the 3rd of January after a journey of one month and an approximate of 238,855 miles distance. The mission actually involves 2 robots, the Yutu 2 rover, and the Chang’e 4 Lander. These two robots are now exploring the Von Kármán Crater which is about 115-mile-wide. Also, it is fascinating to know that this Von Kármán Crater happens to be a region that no one has ever successfully landed on before or even been to till now.


Photograph of China’s Chang’e 4 Lander being taken by the Yutu 2 rover’s camera

Both the Chang’e 4 Lander and the Yutu 2 rover has been equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and well embedded with world-class artificial intelligence algorithms to enable them to operate individually and also communicate with each other. This is the future of technology in action. Both of these robots have fitted cameras that will be capturing images and reporting them back to earth for further studies and insights into our amazing moon.


Photograph of the Yutu 2 rover being taken by the Chang’e 4 lander’s camera

Your mind will be blown away when we tell you that, China actually took things to its peak level by packaging in a sort of mini biosphere, Arabidopsis and potato seeds on the Yutu 2 rover. Yes, you read that right! They did this to enable their team of biologists to study and see how earthly plants breath and carry out photosynthesis while on our precious moon. We were surely thrown aback by how much experiments and expectations that China has been able to pack into this single Moon study mission.

Watch the video that captured the Chang’e 4 lander’s moon landing moment below:


Watch: China releases video showing probe landing on the far side of the moon

You must have heard a lot of conspiracy concerning the dark side or far side of the moon, right? Well, the reason this part of the moon causes so much debate is that it never faces our planet Earth and it has never been visited before by any of the past Apollo missions. As a matter of fact, no rover belonging to other nations around the world has ever landed on this dark side of the moon. The familiar near side or bright side of the moon is that side which faces the earth and its even visible at night directly from the earth here. This bright side was also the region visited by the US NASA’s unmanned and manned spacecraft between 1959 and 1972 which they landed on as well.

So, the first man to step on the moon – Neil Armstrong had actually only landed and stepped on the bright side of the moon. Also, every other Apollo mission you must have read of in the past had been only targeted at the bright side of the moon. Up until now, no one could say precisely why NASA never made a public attempt to reach the dark side of the moon.

Thanks to China, we do not need NASA’s explanation anymore. We only need to watch out for the reports that China will present from their experiments on this dark side of the moon.

Although we know that everyone is secretly waiting to hear that China has finally found Aliens 😊.

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