[MUST READ] Does Innoson Motors assemble cars or manufacture them for real?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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The one question that leads to many arguments among the Nigerian automobile enthusiast communities. In this article, we have the facts spelt out, see them here!

How many times have you seen people argue about the details of Innoson Motors operation here in Nigeria? Don’t be surprised that even here at Naijauto.com, we were initially confused about Innoson motors until we took the time to find out the authentic information and facts. This is why we are summarizing the most important details again for you guys to avoid unreasonable arguments about these Nigerian Motor company – Innoson.

First, for the benefit of those who don’t know yet, IVM (Innoson Vehicle Manufacturer) is the most famous if not the only Nigerian-owned native car manufacturing company. They have their massive assembly plant in Anambra State, Nnewi to be precise. And they boast of producing 70% of their car parts right here in Nigeria while the remaining parts are imported from Germany, China, and Japan mainly.


A study looking Innoson G40 off-roader that is now loved by the Nigerian Army

It is very common these days to see people arguing over the precise operations of this Innoson Motor company as some claim they only assemble while others claim they manufacture vehicles. So, which is true?

We should also mention that it has been observed from the past arguments that those people who claim Innoson Motors just assemble cars only, build their argument on the fact that they are aware of IVM sourcing some components of their vehicles from Chinese suppliers.

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So, to really answer the question: Does Innoson Motors assemble cars or manufacture them for real? We cannot but take a closer look at the profiles of some of the top renowned automakers around the world and compare the facts.


Famous car brands also relys on car parts suppliers from all other the world

Let’s pick Mercedes Benz as a case study here as they have always been a brand loved by most Nigerians.

Benz-Daimler AG is a world-renowned car manufacturing company. They have their headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany and they are the one and only authentic producer of all Mercedes-Benz vehicles available around the world. But, guess what?

In order for Benz-Daimler company to produce each of those superb Mercedes Benz cars you see around, they rely on as much as over 100 Benz parts suppliers all over the world. Yes, that’s right 😊.

As a matter of fact, let us list some of the Mercedes-Benz parts principal suppliers for you, here are the ones we know;

  • ZF Lenksysteme in Germany
  • ThyssenKrupp in Germany
  • Eagle Ottawa in the USA
  • Inteva Products in the USA
  • Carcoustics in the Netherlands
  • Nemak in Mexico
  • Johnson Electric in Hong Kong

And there are many more, you can go ahead and research these suppliers on your own.

We figured it wouldn’t be enough to just pick only one popular brand as a case study so, we even went for another popular brand loved by most Nigerians – Rolls Royce.

Oh yes! The same Rolls-Royce that produces all those luxurious breathtaking cars you have been seeing for years, let’s profile them today on this matter.

As you might already know, Rolls-Royce is one of the best and most prestigious British automobile car manufacturing companies. They have their factory located in England, Sussex precisely in the United Kingdom.

But, did you ever got to know that for each Rolls-Royce car you see, the company themselves only produces 8% of the car parts in the UK. If you don’t believe, please use Google Lol.

Now, the interesting part about Rolls Royce is that due to the fact that they only produce 8% of their car parts locally, they have to import roughly about 32,000 parts from 600+ suppliers all over the world to complete the build process of each of their vehicles. Isn’t that just unbelievable?


Do you ever question about the authencity of Innoson cars?

So, with all that said, we would not precisely give you answer or tamper with your opinion as regards our native Innoson Motor company. Rather, we will leave the rest to you to decide if IVM (Innoson Vehicle Manufacturer) should be classified as a vehicle manufacturing company or as simply a Vehicle assembling company. Feel free to decide for yourself Lol.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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