9 items you must have in car to avoid FRSC trouble


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Avoiding road safety trouble is what Nigerian drivers long for, and one way is to ensure you obey their rules! So here are 9 items you must have in your car to avoid FRSC troubles.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) was created to ensure safety on Nigerian roads. They have a conduct that every road user and even pedestrian must follow to avoid stories that touch. But trust the average Nigerian driver (commercial car owners especially) to find ways to cut corners. While at it, they not only endanger their lives and those of their passengers, but also innocent pedestrians and other motorists.

This is part of the reasons FRSC officials always mount surveillance and blocks on major roads and highways to check drivers and cars to ensure everyone is adhering strictly to the necessary codes. There are certain features and items you need to have in your car to avoid been penalised by the road safety officials.

These items are for your own good for times when your vehicle breaks down or to ensure safety. At Naijauto, we are ardent supporters of the rule of law. Therefore, we have decided to bring you the 9 must-have items in car, according to FRSC regulations. Read through the checklist below!


To avoid FRSC troubles, ensure you have every necessary item required in your car

1. Fire extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher in your car is quite imperative. This is because your engine can overheat at any time. Since Nigeria is in a tropical region, the country experiences heat waves a lot. This is also a factor that causes overheating. So if you're driving a long distance nonstop, what would you do when your bonnet goes up in flames? Water alone won't quench it. A fire extinguisher will do the job best.

The FRSC understands this, that's why they insist that every car owner must have one in their vehicle. This, in fact, is the first item they check. If you drive a bus, you can have hung on the window pillar inside your car. Owners of sedans can have a full one in their trunk. Ensure its full. If not, get a new one.

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2. Spare tyre

When a road safety official is going through your boot, the next thing they look out for is a spare tyre. There's a space for a spare tyre in the boot. Some cars like the Toyota RAV4 comes with the tyre space attached to the trunk door. The spare tyre is also important for when one of your wheels go flat or damaged while driving. Many commercial drivers leave a bad spare tyre in their vehicle, just to make it seem like that requirement is checked. The FRSC officials check for expiry date and air pressure some times. Therefore, ensure your spare tyre is not only pumped, but still valid - or else get ready to pay a fine.


Having a spare tyre is also important for your own safety

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3. Wheel spanner

Another item you need to have in your car is a wheel spanner. Lots of motorists have had encounters where their tyre nuts just off while they're driving. If this happens to you while driving, what will you do? With a wheel spanner, you can find the nut and tighten it back in its supposed hole. Having a spare tyre isn't just okay, as the road safety officials would want to be sure you have tools for when things go south. The spanner is also important for when you wish to change your flat tyres.


The spare tire can't help without a wheel spanner!

4. Jack

Another tyre related tool you're expected to have is a jack. Car jacks come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Your car should have one. The FRSC personnel will likely look out for this as well. Asides just having one for the sake of it, it can be a lifesaver for when you encounter tyre problems while driving. Not every road user would stop to assist you (no thanks to the trust issues Nigerians have).

Therefore, having yours makes your job less stressful. Also, if you can, ensure you have spare tyre nuts, a pump and bolts. Lots of cars come with blankets that cover the spare tyre space. You can use this for when changing tyres or working underneath the car.

5. First Aid kit

Nobody wishes to get involved in an accident. But when it eventually occurs, you need a first aid kit to help you or those injured stay safe till they get proper medical attention. The road safety officials check for this as well. Some might overlook it but it's only wise that you have this kit. Its contents include - spirit, cotton wool, plaster, bandage, iodine, pain killers and a few other items. You can purchase the kit at your local pharmacy or professional car dealerships.


This is a no-brainer, the first aid kit is in need anywhere anytime!

6. The C caution (warning triangle)

The warning triangle is also a must-have. You need it for when your vehicle breaks down on the highway. It's reflective feature makes it easy for oncoming cars to see it from a distance and drive carefully. It's also one of the important items you must have in your car to avoid FRSC trouble.

7. Water

Some road safety officials might overlook this, but others won't. Whether you have a bottle of water for drinking or for your radiator, it's considered imperative. It works magic when your engine heats up as well.

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8. Trash can

A few years ago, a law stating that all vehicles must have trash cans, was passed. That's why when you get into some commercial buses, you find green plastic buckets hung on one side. This is to reduce environmental pollution and to keep the car itself clean. This item is checked out by FRSC officials in some states up till date.


The trash can ensures the car is clean and tidy

9. Documents

It almost goes without saying that you must have all necessary car documents before getting on the road. From your insurance and drivers license to roadworthiness and car registration papers, ensure that all of them are up to date.

Once you have checked all these items you must have in your car and they are complete, you can drive the length and breadth of this country without feeling some type of way! With these 9 must-have items in your car, you sure avoid FRSC trouble!

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