Is this Keke Napep of the future? - A multipurpose electric tricycle design


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A brilliant automotive designer called Alp Germaner has done some jaw-dropping transformations to the usual Keke NAPEP tricycle. Check out his works here!

Naijauto is thrilled by the amazing transformation done by one Alp Germaner to the popular tricycles that Nigerians know as “Keke NAPEP” or “Maruwa”. This is why we felt the need to share this impressive innovation in this post.


These tricycles are not just electric but also brilliantly designed to be used for multiple purposes

The man behind this amazing innovation is called Alp Germaner. He was said to have been assigned the job of designing multipurpose vehicles for a defunct company some 2-years back using fibreglass body which he did. Unfortunately, the company later closed down and his project was ended but he still had the various prototypes that he had already designed.

After the incident, Alp decided to give his project the name Cargo X and targeted the transformed tricycles to be used as ideal cargo vehicles in factories around the world.

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These amazing electric multipurpose Keke NAPEPS are sure proof that innovation truly has no limit

The pictures featured below in this post shows the “Mia Fora” – a final design of the 3-wheeled electric vehicle and most notably the version designed with a passenger seat and solar panels atop. Even with all that, this version still features a luggage rack at the rear side. It is also fitted with fog lights for better visibility in some terrain.


“Mia Fora” comes with a back seat for two passengers, rear luggage space and solar panels on the top

It’s really amazing to see the same short distance transport Keke NAPEP tricycles commonly seen on Nigeria streets being transformed to electric multipurpose vehicles like these ones.

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