Muhammed Ali's once owned car, Alfa Romeo sold for N15.5 million


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The 1976 Alfa Romeo once belonged to Muhammed Ali had been sold for N15.5 million on eBay. Are you interested in buying the car of a legend? Check details below!

The late Muhammed Ali, one of the world's top professional boxers could just have any car he wanted. Yeah, he has even gone as far as owning an automaker one time. So, here at, we aren't surprised that the boxing icon once owned a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Series, which was sold off recently at $42,900 (~₦15,500,000 in Nigeria) after it was listed for sale on eBay, can you believe?

As described in the listing, the late Ali bought the Italian sports car when he went out to shop for a Rolls-Royce. He ended up buying the Alfa Romeo and also a Rolls-Royce Corniche, all at the same time.


Late Ali had bought this car and a Rolls-Royce at the same time

As stated by Muhammed Ali's close friend, Tim Shanahan, the boxer bought the car to gift his third wife by name Veronica Porche. But she was unable to drive a stick shift, so Ali ended up gifting the Alfa Romeo to his close friend, Tim Shanahan. The sports car has been owned and driven by Shanahan for more than 40 years.


Muhammed Ali standing beside his Alfa Romeo

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The vintage Alfa Romeo keeps having a fresh new lookup till today, all thanks to the endless silver paintwork, together with its black convertible top. As noted down on the eBay listing, the sports car got a complete respray in its factory color before it was put up for sale. The interior features a black leather bucket seats which is still in proper condition and it still has a matching carpet. It also features an instrument panel and three-spoke wooden steering wheel.

The sale of the Alfa Romeo came with all the car's original documents included as well, such as the original car registration documents that have Ali's signature.


The front of Late Ali's Alfa Romeo

The sports car is powered by a 2-0 liter four-cylinder engine. And it also came with fuel injection and double overhead cams.

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The 1976 Alfa Romeo is still in good condition

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