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The Mediterranean Shipping Company was established by the Captain Gianluigi Aponte in the Italian city of Naples in 1970. It is a privately owned enterprise with headquarters in Geneva

1. What is MSC?

MSC? There’s no denying that you haven’t seen the company’s logo somewhere. The Mediterranean Shipping Company was founded in 1970 in Naples, Italy. Established by the sailor, Captain Gianluigi Aponte, the private company now has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and has expertise in Container Shipping and Logistics.

MSC shipping company introduction video

Having gained its name, the company is accredited to be the second largest shipping company in the world, with over 480 offices in 150 different countries. The company also secured 200 trading routes and 300 ports for itself, the Antwerp port in Belgium being the most valuable.

Under its name, the company established a daughter company, the MSC Cruises, designated for holiday cruises. Some of its profitable ships are:

  • MSC Daniela
  • MSC Oscar
  • MSC Camille
  • MSC Prestige
  • MSC Carouge
  • MSC Carmen
  • MSC Zoe
  • MSC Chicago
  • MSC Bruxelles
  • MSC Oliver
  • MSC Savona etc.


 MSC has secured 200 trading routes and 300 ports around the globe

Teaming with over 70,000 employees, the MSC continues to wax stronger across the globe, making for easy and reliable shipping with its 19,244 TEU capacity. Per return on investment, the MSC records billions of profits and revenue for itself, while on its quest.

2. MSC Container tracking - what it is?

MSC container lines tracking is the use of the company’s tracking number to trace your vessel on the world map wherever it is, regardless of where you are. It’s an online platform so it’s more than convenient to use.

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2.1. How MSC Container tracking works

The MSC has the MSC container line tracking and tracing system in place that helps you –the customer –to track your container cargo. A bill of lading (otherwise known as tracking number) is given to you to track and trace your cargo. When entered, that number grants you access to your vessel’s current location, container movements and any other information that’s related. That way, it’s easy to monitor your vessel and you’re also be aware of its expected arrival date.

2.2. How to register on the MSC online tracking platform

First, you have to create an Account on the company’s website so you can have access to this platform and the company gets to know you as a legitimate user. By way of that, you’d be presented with an online registration form to input some certain details. Proceed to submit afterwards and just like that, you’ve set up your account. Easy pie! Slow down, you still have to go through your account and tap into the MSC’s services for tracking. It is at that point that your tracking number will be assigned to you.

2.3. Tracking your MSC container online

Now that you have created your account, log onto the website and navigate in search of ‘track shipment’ that’s located at the left side of the home page. Input your tracking number. Then, you can proceed by clicking on the search icon that pops right after. And ta-da your vessel information will immediately be displayed before your very eyes. Please click here to see instruction video to track a shipped container!

3. MSC Container tracking benefits for users

We definitely should commend the Mediterranean shipping company for making life easier for users. What’s been added to the MSC platform is a ‘smart container’. In partnership with Traxens, a tech company, this new feature offers precise and timely data on the location and state of the products in the cargo your cargo. for instance, to keep diary products in good state, MSC has employed the smart container to continuously track and moderate the environment within a container.

This technology also offers a 24/7 all-angle visibility, you get notified at every point in time. En route, it alerts you as it goes along its way.

How Importers and Exporters benefit from smart container

Traxens Smart Container Technology houses three essential elements:

  • Traxens-box: This is a high-tech device that fastens to the container. By so doing, it becomes reliable, capturing and transferring data on the condition of your cargo. So there’s no need for a panic attack.
  • Traxens-net: This function is designated for max performance over air waves. It minimizes power consumption while transmitting such energy to delivering good radio network. 
  • Traxens-hub: This platform is cloud-based. It collects data from the Traxens-boxes, processes such and delivers same to appointed persons.

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MSC has incorporated the Smart Container to its platform in partnership with Traxens

4. Benefits of Smart Containers

These are some benefits of Smart Containers that you might consider:

  • More goods are transported, ensuring efficiency, safety and on-time deliveries.
  • Real-time data is enhanced, as users are aware of everything that happens at sea, road or rail. Every glitch will not go unnoticed by you. What you should know however is that there are other factors that help in accessing this real-time data. They include temperature and humidity levels. Real time data can be hampered if these are not stable.
  • Supply chain management is greatly enhanced, using IoT solutions.

Have you tried shipping through MSC? They are reliable and detailed, thanks to their collaboration with Traxens. The no 1 carrier cargo company is one you should not be afraid to try. Need to send goods to your Aunt far east? They have got you! Don’t forget that they take dominance in 150 countries so finding them will surely not put you up to the task. They are everywhere and have you in mind. Professionalism is key. Building business-related friendships is foundational for them. It’s you first! 

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